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Weekend DIY Delight: Make your own door knob coat rack

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Door knob and coat racks are an essential commodity at home, despite their indispensable use not much of attention or thought is given to them. It can make a style statement also apart from proving your individuality, when you do it on your own, bringing out your own perceptions and ideas. Before making your very own door knob coat rack with old door knobs, apply your creative thoughts to it; imagine how it will enhance the ambiance of the room. You must be careful to make it an artistic extension of you, rather making it a tacky eyesore. It just takes an artistic mind and patience to make your own door knob coat rack, just follow the deadlines below, and tweak around with your taste and style it to your preference!Image credit


• Wood
• Paint
• Screwdriver and screw
• Old doorknobs
• Glue gun
• Measuring tape
• Dummy spindles
• Pencil for marking

How to get started

1. To begin with, opt for a piece of wood for the coat rack, cut it to the required length [use measuring tape]. You can paint and coat it to give a richer look to it, use colors of your preference, better guide will be the color of the wall you’re going to mount on.

2. Now decide how many knobs you will be requiring. Keep in mind that there is a minimal distance of 2 inches between each knob, or it will be troublesome to use it.

3. Lightly sand paper the wood before placing the knobs, to give a smoother working surface.

4. Arrange the knobs arbitrarily according to the positions you want them to be, imagine the finished product in mind and follow up on that. It’s for having a rough idea about how you will be placing the door knobs.

5. Use pencil and a ruler to draw a horizontal line across the center of the wooden board.

6. Use the measuring tape to mark the required distance between the knobs [minimum 2inches] on the horizontal line, mark vertically for better visualization.

7. Position the dummy spindles to these points indicating the knobs, attach the spindle with screws.

8. Place decorative rosettes over these spindles, to conceal the steel base and drive in the screws with rosettes well secured in the board.

9. Fasten the knobs to the spindles by applying silicone adhesives using the glue gun.

10. Condition the wood surface to give a richer look by applying wood preserving and conditioning oil with a lint-free piece of cloth.

11. Now hang your coat rack with a steady anchor, and get ready to hang your coats.

Important Pointers

• Make sure you leave at least 2inches space between the knobs.

• Spray paint the boards with color of your preference to give a smoother look and finish.

• Allow your door knobs to dry completely before mounting them on the wall.

• If you don’t have spindles use a rod that holds the door knobs.

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