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Wake up to crispy mornings with these 10 cool toasters


Mornings are usually cheerful for most of us. But there are those who need that something special to nudge them on in the beginning of a day. Here we bring for you ten interesting toasters, that are bound to make your mornings more eventful. Creative, funky, weird, geeky – we have them all!

1. Notepad Toaster


This uber cool toaster comprises a little message board where one can write quick notes. You can scribe notes on the message board of this Sasha Tseng creation, and the message gets singed onto the bread itself.

2. Glass Toaster


This Sternform designed toaster is made of glass, and celebrates toasting in a glowing way. Hollows at both sides of it allow the user to take hold of the bread without touching the toaster itself. The switch is designed like a remote control, which also hosts all electronic controls.

3. Glide Ceramic Toaster


This sculptural and pristine toaster has been designed by UK-based George Watson, and is made of slip moulded porcelain. In the creator’s own words the idea behind Glide was to make “a playful object that you would be proud to display on your dining table.”

4. Scan Toaster


This innovative toaster promises to burn pretty much anything onto your morning slice, including the news! The Scan Toaster connects to a PC and downloads everything, which is later burned onto the bread by its network of toasting “modules”.

5. Six Part Toaster


The radical Six Part Toaster rotates and heats the bread in 6 single compartments. Designed by Matt Gossington, this toaster will surely make for an intriguing and colorful centrepiece at your dinner table.

6. Manual Defibrillator Toaster


Out-of-the-box is what describes this innovative toaster which is in the shape of a manual defibrillator. The brainchild of designer Shay Carmon, it not only perfectly toasts your fresh bread but also promises to “revive your old bread”.

7. Smiley Toaster


Not a morning person? Here is something that will surely make you smile at breakfast. The Smiley Toaster boasts of an electric-heating nano-membrane and different smiley faces, that you can use to singe on the bread.

8. Space Invader Toastie Maker


This sci-fi toastie maker is sure to be a huge hit with the kiddos. Designed by Chris Naylor, this Space Invader Toaster reportedly took just one week to be conceptualised.

9. Zuse Digital Image Toaster


Coming from the house of Inseq Design, Zuse is equipped with an optical sensor which activates digital toasting once it senses the presence of bread. Inspired by the early matrix printers, it burns line-by-line black and white pictures into the toast.

10. Toaster Teapot


A perfect combination of Tea and Toast, this very cute Teapot Toaster is a must-have for that blue and white contemporary kitchen of yours. This piece of teaware comes to us from the house of Teapottery (UK).

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