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How to use mirrors for decorating your room


Mirrors play an elementary role and strike our minds instantly when we talk about home decoration. These home décor pieces have made a comeback and have dominated the markets. If we talk about mirrors in scientific language, then they are merely reflecting surfaces that display an object’s image when the light gets reflected on their surface. This home décor item offers a delusion to the viewer of spaciousness as well as intense light illuminating the room. Mirrors infuse a magical effect in the home décor, add light to it and make the space appear apparently spacey. The trick works wonder for any room, by making the room appear much more spacious than it is actually in reality. Image Credit

You can find out some valuable tips mentioned below that can help you to decorate your home with mirrors effectively:

1. Mirrors adjacent to the ‘Artwork’

The use of mirrors is quite tricky. However, you can simply place the mirrors on the walls adjoining the attention-grabbing wall frames, pictures or pieces of artwork. This way, the mirrors can reflect image of these artworks and offer an illusion of spaciousness

2. In dark room mirrors do wonders

Use decorative mirrors to hang in the dark rooms and place them somewhere in close proximity to the windows. This will allow the light to enter the room and bounce off the beautiful mirrors, which further will offer an extraordinarily beautiful sight to the room.

3. Placing mirrors in ‘Skinny Places’

Placement of mirrors in the skinny areas would double your room’s visual width. This superb trick can be used to embellish the walls of your halls, bedrooms, entryways, exercise rooms, master bedroom as well as dining rooms.

4. Mirrors at ‘interesting places’ of your home
Use framed mirrors combined with some floral swag to make your entryway look amazing. This will give a feel of light entering through your doorway. Besides, you can also check-out yourself before leaving from your place.

5. Don’t overlook your fireplace

Also, put attractive mirrors just in front of striking mantels as well as fireplaces, in a lieu to make your room appear more spacious.

5. Group the mirrors together

You may also group hang various sized and shaped mirrors at a wall to display a picturesque collage.

6. Mirrors can be interesting in kitchens too

You can also place an extra mirror on the backsplash of the kitchen’s countertop. It would reflect even more light at time of preparation of food.

Additional Tips

• You can make use of mirrors on your unattractive furniture and damaged places of home, place personalized mirrors.

• At the entryway, use large and full-length mirror, as this gives a person entering a sense of increased space.

• Use of mirror above the mantel should be done with great care as it is probable that the mirror reflect uninteresting parts of your furniture.

• Mirrors to be placed near or across any window that has a western else southern exposure can be problematic.

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