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Tips Treat: Change the look of ceilings in your room

Change the look of ceilings in your room

Everyone loves doing up their house, from the walls to the windows and every other nook and corner, but often people forget to decorate their ceilings. Ceilings are also an important part of the room and leaving it blank makes it look dull and boring. People don’t often play around with their white ceilings and keep them as they are which make them boring elements in the room. One can always jazz the space up by doing fun stuff to their ceilings and styling it along with other parts of the room. There is so much one can to do change the look of their ceilings, here are a few tips which will help you do the same. Image Credit

Tips Treat

1. Proper choice of the colors
To start with, try painting your ceiling a different shade other than white. You can always keep it similar to the walls or to give it a fresh new vibe. Play with completely different color which catches everyone’s eye, and also makes the room more interesting and inviting.

2.Get decorative tiles in picture
Use decorative tiles to give your ceiling a whole different look. Place the tiles in the corner of the ceiling if you want a subtle touch or place them all around the sides of the ceiling for a bolder look. Image Credit

3.Placing the tiles in the middle of the ceiling
You can also use the tiles just in one section rather than the whole ceiling. Use the decorative tiles in the middle of your ceiling around the lighting accessory such as a chandelier. This will really be eye-catching.

4. Stenciling
You can always use stencils to create your own fun designs and personalize your ceiling. It adds fun and color to the décor. Image Credit

5. Try decorative molding
Try decorative molding around the edge of your ceiling. You get moldings in different kinds of decorative patterns. Choose one which suits your sensibilities from bold to subtle designs. You can also make it interesting by matching different style moldings.

6. Lighting
For a well decorated ceiling, you need a nice lighting fixture to spruce it up such as chandeliers. You can also try putting a ceiling medallion around your light fixtures to make it even more interesting. There are different types of light fixtures available in the market. Go classic with a vintage one. Image Credit

7. Try your art with murals
There are endless decorating possibilities with murals. You can paint any kind of mural and add them to your ceiling. They really make the ceiling look fun and personal.

8. Pressed tin ceilings
Pressed tin ceilings are a fun option to decorate with. Not only are they beautiful but they reflect light into the room making the space interesting. If you like it metallic, keep the tin paint on or change it to a different shade. Image Credit

9. Wallpapers can do wonders
You can always wallpaper your ceiling. With the number of growing varieties of wallpaper available you can always choose one which suits your style.

10. Wood ceilings
Wood ceilings are interesting and different. They add a different charm to your room. There are different types and colors of wood available which you can use to decorate your ceiling with. Image Credit

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