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Green Guide: For THE RECORD is the latest asset in home decor

vinyl record

The walkman died a rapid death when the disc man came into our homes, now with iPods, looks like the oldest of the lot- Vinyl Records has passed its time and resurrected in a new form. Those vinyl records, which you hardly had the time and space for is the latest in eco-friendly home décor and lifestyle products. Discover their worth as you use them in you day-to-day life. Image Credit

What’s green?

Recycle ware such as these vinyl records, are a green asset, that saves energy, and decreases pollution by reduction in carbon dioxide emission. So, in all it will help conservation of natural resources, thereby, preventing bio-diversity.

From thrash

Vinyl records are made from vinyl plastic, which is durable and do not break easily. So don’t discard those olden records, this is their golden hour, discover their numerous uses as you read on…

To treasure

Its shocking as to how a mere old record can serve so many purposes, it leaves you bewildered and asking for more. Here some of the utilities that you can try making:

1. Wall art
These records that are deemed useless are most versatile for wall art. Craft them as wall carvings or paint them in various shapes and hang them as abstract art on your walls.

2. Bowls
You can make versatile bowls for kitchenware or as tableware. You can paint on them, also makes a good gift idea.

3. Clocks
The structure of these vinyl records make good wall clocks, craft them into different shapes and use them.

4. Canvas
It’s a rarely known fact that, the texture and quality of vinyl plastic makes it fit to be cut and used as a low density substitute for canvas.

5. Plate, coasters and saucers
Use them as serving dishes or tableware, in contrasting colors or use the traditional black.

6. Picture frame
The shards of the broken records can be glued on to a plain frame to give a rugged and uber cool look, paint on colors of your wish.

7. Miscellaneous
Artistic minded individuals have even used these vinyl records as false roofs on their rooftops. Intelligent and well crafted ideas such as visiting card holders, lantern, book binders and storage ranks can be made as well. Room dividers and room curtains to make the best use of it.

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