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Washit combines shower cabinet and washing machine in one unit

The eco conscious homeowners of today are quite concerned about cutting down on the monthly energy bills by saving water and electricity as much as possible. The Washit, designed by Ahmet Burak Aktas of Ankara, Turkey, is a neat concept that offers homeowners a green way of washing their clothes. Washit combines a small washing machine with a shower cabinet and lets users bathe and wash clothes simultaneously. While the user takes a shower, he/she can clean some of the clothes at the same time without the need for any extra water. The Washit boasts a plumbing system with two water pumps, three filters (carbon, organic and chemical), one heater and a water storage unit.

The user can put his clothes into the washing machine unit and select the right program before going for the shower. While user is enjoying the shower, the Washit collects the gray water from shower cabinet through filters. The stored water gets cleaned and you can use it again for showering or washing clothes. After the shower, user can either take out the washed clothes or keep them there for drying. The LED indicators on the Washit tell you the filter life and you can replace the dead filters easily by removing the lid. The shower cabin also has an integrated showerhead and openings for the steam.

While in the domestic scenario, you can access the washing machine from outside, the users have access to the washing machine part from inside in public scenarios. Public Washit uses Airwash technology to clean the clothes without any bad odors.


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