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Wash your Car Without Wasting Gallons and Gallons of Water

Usually, cars need to be washed from time to time or they get dirty beyond repair. Not to mention, all the dirt and filth that regularly sticks on to your car. If you stay in a place where it barely ever rains then things get even difficult. For, one can just not imagine the amount of filth that will stick on to the car. You are done for good if your car is white in colour. You might be giving away your car for a wash at regular intervals. For, if you don’t, you will not be able to see beyond the glass of your car. However, have you ever thought of using eco friendly measures to wash your car?

Eco Friendly Ways of Cleaning your Car Exist

You do understand that a large amount of water is wasted when washing the car. There are a large number of people in the world who live in drought like conditions and don’t have enough water to drink. You cannot paint your car without taking the dust off it. So, you definitely cannot leave your car unwashed. However, what shall you do so that your car is washed and water isn’t wasted? Well, you ought to do some research and find out eco friendly ways to keep your car clean. Yes, there are numerous eco friendly ways out there of cleaning your car and you only need to take a look at them.

Ditch the Hose Pump First

You are sure to find out a few things here and there upon researching. You only need to begin. There are innumerable methods and you are going to like some of them while you will dislike the others. Some of them are going to suit your ways while others aren’t. One of the things that you can do is use a sprinkler hose which you can turn on and off. Stay off from garden hoses altogether. They swash out a whole lot of water and you might not want to waste so much of water if you are thinking on the lines of environmental conservation. Therefore, be careful about these little things.

Disposing Off the Water

Also, you need to know that this dirty water will be let off into rivers and lakes and will cause problems to the aquatic habitat. Thus, you need to clean your car without spreading filth all over the place. For, the dirty river water will not only cause problems to aquatic animals but also to other animals and plants who take respite from this water.


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