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Wall décor that works best this season for young couples

Young couple has fresh and vibrant tastes as compared to an aged couple. Therefore, the interior décor of a young couple is also different from that of aged couples, the one that can add on to their already vibrant personality. Wall décor is one segment of the interior décor of a room that is of extreme significance to amp up a room’s atmosphere. Here are some of the most amazing wall décor ideas that are young and beautiful, ideal for a young couples, and some of them are DIY as well.

Melted Crayon Canvases

This is one superb example of a vibrant wall art that is perfect for the room of a young couple. You can pick one of the melted crayon canvas art from the market, or make it on your own at home. For a DIY project, you require a canvas, crayons of all colors you want to see on the canvas, a blow dryer, and glue.

Pick a canvas and crayon size that is ideal for your project. Arrange the number of crayons according to the width you want to give to your rainbow project, and in the order of the colors that appear in a rainbow. Then hot glue each crayon, slant the canvas so the wax drips down and then blow the wax in order to scatter it to form a shape.

Tapestry Wall Hanging

Making tapestries on your own is definitely fun but it is time consuming as well, so it is better you go for a readymade version of a tapestry that is woven in bright colored threads. Some of the tapestries also come with some patterns on them, so looking for one that has heart patterns, or a couple kissing each other is perfect for you and your partner’s room.

Modern Impressive Art

This is an example of modern art that is so simple yet very classy and impressive. This wall art you can see in the picture is a plain canvas with a plain art done with some colors on it, and then some writing has gone in it as well. Pick such modern art from the market that reads some more romantic lines that you and your partner could relate to.

You can also make such art on your own and improve your room’s wall décor. It will also impress your partner with your talent and he will be floored by your love and dedication towards him.

Colorful Gallery Wall

It is one of the most interesting DIY arts you can give a try to give a personal touch to your wall. A gallery wall adds a punch of colors to the wall and makes the entire room look so romantic and sophisticated altogether. You can add some sexy romantic, and some sweet couple pictures to the gallery wall, thus, making it a more private affair.

Abstract Digital Photographs

Abstract wall art is all the rage these days because of the stylish and attractive feel it gives to the wall décor. This is like the cheapest and a very impressive wall art you can decorate your walls with. You simply have to shake your digital camera a lot while clicking photographs, and then do a little editing in the end to enhance its colors. Such an easy project to make that gives classy and impressive look to your room.

Love Quote Wall Art

This wall art is especially for young couples truly, madly, and deeply in love with each other who want to let each other know how special they are for each other. Place love quotes on walls reading whatever you want to express to your special someone, and show gratitude for having them in your life. Choose quotes that have a colorful and a stylish look, so that the room décor also enhances.

Wall décor is one very important segment of a room’s interior decoration and one can do it with the help of some DIY projects as well that are fun to make and impressive to look at.

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