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Villains turned heroes: It’s never too late

<![CDATA[It is never too late to change the ways of life. All you need is just a strong determination to bring about a change in yourself. Let us have a look at some great examples of complete life change. People who used to be first-rate criminals changed their lives for good.

Sean O’Callaghan

Sean O’Callaghan was a junior member of Irish republican army in 1974. He was a killer, a bank robber and responsible for many deaths. Irish Terrorist group had its eyes on him, as he was a cruel and ruthless member.  He changed his mind and gave it all up in 1983. The news that a police officer who was pregnant was put to death moved him towards humanity again and he became a peace member. However, he was a part of the terrorist group for another five years but he had made his mind to quit already. (Source | Image)

Frank William Abagnale


Frank William Abagnale was a professional conman by the age of 21. His attempts to disguise as professor, doctor, pilot or a lawyer, all were all successful. After serving five years in prison, he started working with the US government and served 14,000 financial institutions and Law enforcement companies until date. His life story inspired the movie Catch Me If You Can which was a big blockbuster. (Source)

Daniel Manville


Daniel spent three years and four months in the slammer of manslaughter, but became a lawyer eventually. After passing the bar exams in Michigan and Washington DC, Daniel worked for improving the prison conditions and represented many of his fellow inmates as lawyer. Daniel teaches the law students in Michigan State University nowadays and is a living example of a complete life change. (Source | Image)

Larry Lawton

A fairytale like story a Jewel thief turning into a famous police officer, Larry Lawton can relate to it very easily. Scaring people away with his heavily tattooed body, he was Number 1 on FBI’s most wanted list. However, the death of his friend who committed suicide in prison made him rethink his acts. After coming out from twelve years of Federal prison, he started his program, Lawton 911 to help youngsters who were at a risk of getting involved in crime. (Source | Image)

Greg Mathis

Police arrested him many times for different criminal acts. He was an active member of a Detroit street gang. However, Judge Greg Mathischanged his life suddenly and started going to college. His hard work paid off when he became a court judge for Michigan’s 36th district. A criminal who always used to be in front of judges waiting for their verdict, found his honest calling as a judge. (Source)

Eugene- Francois Vidocq

Eugene- Francois Vidocq was involved in all sorts of crime until he started working for French national police. Later formed his own private detective agency, implemented modern methods to investigate different cases and surprised everyone with the success rate. (Source)

Kevin Mitnick


Kevin Mitnik was a former hacker, remained on FBI’s most wanted list for almost three years. He spent almost seven years in imprisonment and after coming out started his own security company, working on security lapses in systems. (Source | Image)]]>


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