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Strange but meaningful way to grab attention

<![CDATA[People all over the world keep coming up with strange ways of grabbing attention abut when they do that for good social cause then all you do is just “Expect the unexpected”. Here are a few protests for a social cause that grabbed everyone’s attention.

A thoughtful protest to go pollution free

Latvian cyclist came up with an altogether new idea of showing how much space we can save, along with saving gas if we give up cars in favour of bicyles. The organisation “Lets Bike It” decorated their bicycles in a way that they covered almost equal space on the road that a car covers. His thought was that we can save on gas, make our environment pollution free, and make some more space on the roads.  In the world of fast life, this idea could really change the way and was eye-catching for sure. (Source)

Hyped Breast cancer awareness


What made it creepier was, some middle-aged men wearing mastectomy bras and trying to perform everyday tasks like a woman. A cancer hospital in China caught attention when they tried to bring attention to an important issue of women suffering with the pain of losing one or both breasts due to breast cancer. However, the hospital faced a lot of criticism trying to raise funds for cancer patients through a gimmick. (Source)

Premier league stars for cancer awareness

The campaign was to bring attention to the bladder and kidney cancer and what could be a better than showing players peeing in the stadium urinals looking at the camera. The organisers support the cause in a big way. The ideas were to make all men aware of the signs and symptoms of having a bladder and kidney cancer. Football fans are all over the world and this male oriented campaign grabbed attention as it was conveying an important message. (Source)

Naked bike ride to endorse bike ride

To promote the usage of bicycles instead of using four wheelers is the need of the time. However, in London bike riders adopted a strange method to grab everyone’s attention. The protestors striped down naked, riding a bike on roads. Thousand cyclists hitting the roads made a huge impact and if not anything else was scenic. (Source)

PETA protest for animal rights

One of these strange ways to protest was Peta activists going naked in an attempt to highlight animal rights and safety. The protestors from Peta stripped naked to encourage designers to stop using animal fur to make designer clothes. The protest was for a good cause and brought all animal lovers together for the same cause. However, it faced some criticism for using nudity to spice it up. The idea was to say no to the clothing made of animal fur. Killing animals for their meat shows the cruelty of human against animals but naked women in a bathtub on the streets was surely the talk of the town. People could not help but ask the real cause behind putting a show like this. (Source)

Blood donation over Olympics

Painted blood donors were the part of the parade in London to highlight the need of more and more blood donors. The NHS (National Health Service) said that London games and Championships has increased the need of more blood in hospitals, the blood is needed to provide good healthcare services to the visitors and the natives in UK. (Source)]]>

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