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Useful tips to develop your baby’s language

develop your baby’s language

According to the latest research, it has been found that exposing your baby to a large amount of language is not exactly a good idea for developing baby language. Instead, new study reveals that the proper way to help in developing baby language is to notice their responses to the words you say or objects your show. However, the following tips might help you greatly in developing your baby’s language:

Baby talk for developing baby language

Baby talk may sound silly but speaking to a baby in slow and giddy cadence actually helps a baby in learning a language. Scientifically, baby talk is called as parentese and according to experts, it is one of the best ways to enhance the language learning ability in a baby. The patterns and accent of baby talks are so universal that even if you don’t understand the language, just by hearing it you can identify that it is baby talk. The exaggerated wordings in a baby talk actually help the baby’s brain to distinguish the discrete sounds thereby making it easier for the baby to process the information. By elongating the words and stressing the transition in a sentence you help your baby to recognize the sentence and the various groupings of words and as a result, you help your baby learn the language in a proper and faster manner.

  • Labeling objects

Object labeling is another way of helping your child to develop language. Whenever you notice that your baby is showing interest in a particular object, make sure you point out that object verbally to let them know what it is called. However, also make sure that you describe the object when your baby’s attention is fixed on it so that the next time they see the object, they will remember its name. Therefore, timing is very important when you start vocalizing an object to your baby so that your baby can connect with the object both visually and audibly.

  • Avoid cross labeling

While labeling objects verbally for your baby, avoid speaking about objects which are not around them. You might think that since they are learning so fast then there is no harm in teaching them about objects, which are not even present around them. This practice will instead confuse them so much that they will even fail to remember the name of the things, which are present around them. Moreover, sometimes this practice can also end up in teaching the wrong name of the object. Therefore, it is very necessary for you to avoid confusing your baby by vocalizing the names of too many objects at the same time and expecting them to develop their language faster. Allow your baby to grasp the language naturally and don’t overload their brain with too many information at a time.

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