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How to help your son through teenage phase

help your son through teenage phase

It is a common scene for parents to get excessively worried about their teenage sons as boys become most vulnerable physically and emotionally during this time. Most parents often complain about difficulties in connecting with their teenage sons because of their sudden behavior change, social withdrawal and increase in their impulsive attitude. Therefore, this is the time when they require proper parental attention and guidance but find hard to admit it on their part. Therefore, here are some important steps for parents to deal with their teenage sons in order to help them face the challenges of becoming a man and prevent them from self-destructive behavior:

  • Set limits

When boys go through the adolescence phase, they sometimes become overwhelmed by the responsibilities thrown over their shoulders and by the knowledge of the adult world. Therefore, they often try to cope with their physical and emotional development by going against their parents or by withdrawing themselves completely from the social circle. However, this transformation in their behavior should not discourage the parents to set limits to their freedom because these limits will eventually prevent them from choosing the wrong way.

  • Avoid giving them long lectures

Nobody likes to hear lectures and bring a teenage boy in the scene; it will probably drive him crazy in a matter of minutes. So, instead of giving your son lectures about what is good and bad for them, try making short and frank conversations with them. This is the time when they want to be treated more like adults and less like kids and so, try to give them what they want in small doses. This technique will not only help you to connect with your son but will also make them comfortable enough to share their problems with you.

  • Find a mentor for your son

In case you are failing to handle your teenage son very badly then it’s time for you to find a mentor for him. It can be anyone from your family like an uncle who is fun-loving and smart and is also admired by your son or any teacher from the school who is great with your son. Most of the time, boys find it very hard to discuss their problems or take advice from their parents but instead like to share it with someone else who is not their immediate family. So, finding a mentor can immensely benefit your teenage son.

  • Make mandatory family time

Make it mandatory for your teenage son to spend time with all the family members at least once a week like going to a family picnic, outing, movies, or even visiting other family members. Do not allow them to say no to it saying that it’s mandatory because if given the chance, they will always avoid it. Spending time with the family will make them realize the importance of having a family and will also make them feel lucky to have parents who likes their presence in family events and takes care of them.

  • Make them participate in group activities

Becoming a man also involves many social responsibilities and in order to make them realize it encourage your teenage son to volunteer in small group activities involving social cause. This will allow them to have a glimpse of the real world of the grown-ups and will make them socially and morally responsible in the future.

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