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Use your old CDs to get a brand new solar cooker

solar cooker

If you have a pile of CDs massing around in your room and growing to epic proportions, then why not make good use of it? You can use them to build your own solar cooker, without spending even a single dime. The following slide show demonstrates the whole process of how this can be done:

Here is a list of some other amazing stuff that can be made out of old CDs:

CD Disco Ball:
Finally, a good use for all those AOL CDs you have laying around. This video shows us how make a nifty disco ball from those discs.

Panda Chair: Spanish designer Belen Hermosa designed this chair. Hundreds of blank disks come together to create this shiny, not entirely comfortable-looking chair.
panda chair

High schoolers’ “Amazing Q-Ball”: Students from Quincy High School’s Creative Problem Solving Course decided to make a geodesic structure using CDs and an aluminum frame. They used CDs, one for each vertex of the zonohedron, drilled holes in them corresponding to the edges adjacent to the vertices, and fastened them together with rivets. For stability, they assembled the CDs around an aluminum frame.

2 2

Fish made out of Old CDs: This fish made from old CDs can be used to decorate your house, and also helps you get rid of excessive CDs accumulating at your home.

fish made out of cds

Cool CD Clock: Its made from recycled materials, the face is a CD and the base is an old circuit board, the way it has been put together makes it look like an antique, it is only when you have a closer look that you realize what it has been made from.

cd clock

Still hungry for more, and think making things out of CDs isn’t good enough for you? Then we have this robot made out of CD-ROM for you.

cd rom robot

Try this!

Via: EcoFriend

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