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Lux solar necklace: The Green fashion illusion

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Mae Yokoyama, a Masters Jewelery design student at the Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Sweden offers you the Lux solar panel collar. The necklace would certainly add some bling to your style quotient. No doubt about it. But will you go for it?

Trends and Reality

solar dresses

I don’t want to question the efforts of the designers behind all so-called green fashion accessories raining these days. However, I’m sorry, I’m not interested in getting wet here.

Only a few are useful, but the rest would remain as digital memorabilia out here. Packed with solar panels, LEDs, photocells, circuit boards and what not, the dresses and other fashion accessories appears to be all bling-bang, rather than bling-bling.

They are heavy, uncomfortable, not durable, expensive and most importantly, not green either, unless and until made from recycled material (I haven’t heard of recycled solar cells in the recent times, if you know, please drop the info in the comments. I’d appreciate it). Moreover, all those who are pitching these dresses fail to target any specific end user. Who will wear the Lux necklace shown above? I can’t wear it during day time just for the sake of recharging it or make efforts to actually ensure that it doesn’t get discharged.

Also, solar embedded products are only useful when the weather is good but what if turns out to be a gray day? The products are water sensitive too.

All hard core green fashionistas out there need to keep their fingers crossed till we get some real stuff to flaunt. May be nanotechnology would come to the rescue. Until then, I’m happy with the down to the ground geeky green stuff below.

geek necklace
Image credit: Saynotocrack

Via: AlternativeConsumer

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