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Urbanites encouraged to keep bees

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In UK, city dwellers are being encouraged to keep bees. A flower show has been organised to motivate people for the same and improve the dwindling population of bees in the country. Bees have lost some of their natural habitats in the countryside.

British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) chairman, Tim Lovett said:
Many new urban beekeepers see working with a colony of honeybees as a healthy change to the stress of office life. Tending bees is peaceful, keeps you in touch with nature – and bees only sting when provoked.

The hives can be installed on rooftops, in gardens, terrace gardens and even balconies.

If you happen to see the bees closely, chances are you must have been fascinated by the orange and black colour stripe patterns of the lovely creatures. The body shape of bees make them really cute creatures and I have always been awed by these little creatures whenever I had a chance to see them closely, most of the times hovering on flowers in gardens and at few occasions in my living room. The bees living in urban places are forced to be restricted in gardens and other small patches of green. If they dare venture out, they are caught amid heavy traffic and pollution or get entrapped in any building. Dead bees on pavements or in houses are testimony to this hypothesis.

Bees are important for ecosystem as they play important role of pollinator for a number of plants and trees. Keeping bees as pets is a good idea but only if they get adequate number of flowers to collect nectar that serves as their food. If you have a garden, do keep a beehive. Just stay away from stings of the beautiful creatures.

Source: Guardian
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