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Understanding the disadvantages of Permissive parenting

In the 1960s, psychologist Diana Baumrind did her research on the different styles of parenting. She defined the four distinct styles of parenting and permissive parenting is one of them. It is not the ideal parenting method that you should adopt for raising kids. Permissive parenting does more harm than good to your kids and unwittingly you may damage your kid’s chances of getting a bright future. Permissive parents are generally very soft hearted and cannot think of being tough with their kids. They are more relaxed as parents and do not set strict boundaries for their kids. The permissive parents are often indulgent to the whims of their kids. The kids do not see them as parents or authoritative figures but consider them to be friends or subordinates. As a result they do not learn to be disciplined.

The permissive parents do not demand obedience and always stay away from arguments. They bribe the kids with costly gifts, toys and their favorite fast food so that they would not behave rudely or make a mess at home. Of course, the kids learn nothing about differentiating the right behavior from the wrong. They grow with the belief that they can get away with all sorts of mischief and misdeeds. They do not respect their parents and think of them as usable tools to fulfill their whims. Kids are by nature self-centered yet they have very little idea about what is good for them. It is the duty of the parents to tell them about limits and boundaries. Permissive parenting robs away a child’s capability of mingling with other kids of same age. They cannot think of anything else but their own needs.

There is nothing wrong with being affectionate, gentle and loving towards your kids but at the same time it is very important to teach them discipline. If you do not teach them to obey rules then they will not be able to fit in. Indulging your kid’s every whim will make them more self centered. You should give gifts but not as bribe but for encouraging them and to make them feel loved from time to time. A kid should know that they are scolded and grounded because they have done something wrong. Give a hug instead of a chocolate to show your affection when they do something nice.

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