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Helpful tips to welcome second child after you have lost one

Every couple starts preparing themselves mentally, ones they are sure that soon they are going to be parents. They make plans and get involved emotionally with the child even before its birth. Unfortunately, many couples lose their first child due to medical complications. A miscarriage or the death of a baby is the nastiest blow for a couple. It totally shatters their dreams and future plans. A child’s demise can even lead to divorce or emotional estrangement between the parents. For parents who have lost a child, it becomes difficult to cope with being parents once again.   


When a child is born after the demise of its baby brother or sister, it is referred to as the “rainbow baby”. It brings new hope and joy to the parents. A new child is definitely a boon for the parents who had already experienced the loss of a child. But it is difficult for the parents to let go their feelings of loss and sadness. Bearing and rearing a child is a life changing experience. Parents can never disassociate themselves from the pain they have been through. Many mothers and fathers experience serious bouts of depression after losing their child. They are not able to focus on the new baby due to the pain they are still grappling with.

Instead of cursing their fate or destiny, parents should immediately go for sessions of counseling after the big loss. This way they will learn to tackle the grief they are feeling and see the positive side of life. Couples should seek each other’s moral support to heal and get back to normal life. To welcome a new life on earth, you have to first deal with your old grief and grievances. Only then, you will be able to give the new child the care and love he/she needs. Nature is merciful and if you have been blessed with a second chance of parenting a baby, do not mess with it. For many, being parents after they have lost their first child remains a distant dream. Accept your loss and remember your time with your deceased child fondly but do not let your sadness overwhelm you.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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