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Tips to design a home bar

Your home is your haven, where you relax after a hard day’s work. A home bar is the best idea when you are looking for entertainment right in your own home. Here are tips on how to design your own bar at home.

Tips to design a home bar

  • Decide on the function – Before you start building your bar, decide on what function it should serve you. Do you have an active social life where you entertain a lot of friends and vice-versa? If yes, then opt for a bigger design. If you are not really social or do not normally invite people over, then stick to a smaller bar designed for a lesser number of people.
  • Decide on the theme – Arrive at a particular design or a theme. Are you thinking tropical island or a sports bar? Arrive at one theme and then start working on it.
  • Draft plans – Check out designs which you like online or in interior magazines to give you a better idea of what you might want exactly for your own bar. Think up measurements along with themes. Customize the designs according to what you want. Keep it size and space appropriate. No one will think well of a bar well designed but cramped up in space. Also, work on your budget and do not go overboard with expenses purchasing unnecessary items.
  • Choose the location – Once you know the size of the bar you want (after deciding on the function) choose a location where you want to set up your bar. Choose wisely with proximity to a waterline or the pantry to provide easy access. You do not want to be walking away from the bar and the guests again and again when you entertaining them.
  • The right kind of bar – There are so many designs of bars that you can work for, whether you want a bar with a complete stack of bottles behind you or a portable bar to stack away when not required in case you want to save space. There are also various shapes of bars like the L-shaped bar or a curved bar. If you want to go all the way and include plasma screens and a pool table opt for a basement bar as it will give you the right amount of space.
  • Accessorize – A swanky home bar is all about accessorizing well. With the right kind of lighting and music, all your bar essentials would be covered . Pay equal attention to furniture, seating stools and couches and you will entertain yourself and your guests in style.

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