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Understanding the benefits of micro wind energy generators

Apart from solar energy, the other major form of renewable energy generation is with the help of wind turbines. Wind turbines have been around for ages and since they can generate electrical energy throughout the day, provided there is enough breeze, they are often regarded as a better way to generate clean energy than solar photovoltaics. However, commercial wind turbines, which can generate large amounts of electrical power and cost a fortune, there are smaller variants, which can be used to power everything from small home appliances to appliances in your boat. If you’re considering generating a small percentage of the electrical energy you consume via wind energy, micro wind turbines are a great option. Here are a few benefits of installing and using micro wind-energy generators at your premises.

  • Affordability:

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Conventional wind turbines that generate megawatts of power also cost a fortune and hence, cannot be afforded by all homeowners. However, there is no stopping you from participating in the green energy revolution by generating a considerable share of the energy you consume using the free wind energy. All you have to do is to spend in a little in purchasing kilowatt-size micro wind turbines, which can help you take a few of your energy hungry appliances off the grid. Since these generators will be able to reduce you reduce your electricity bills, they’ll eventually pay for themselves in a few years.

  • Silent operation:

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Unlike commercial wind turbines that have large blades and hence produce a lot of noise and vibration, micro wind turbines have smaller blades and hence produce considerably less noise and negligible vibration. These turbines can be installed on rooftops to get access to wind, while ensuring that your neighbors don’t have to complain about the noise wind turbines usually produce.

  • Safer:

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Commercial wind turbines have often been criticized for being harmful for birds as their large blades can easily trap birds and kill them. On the other hand, micro wind turbines have smaller blades, are available in vertical axis models, and hence, are a lot safer for birds. Moreover, there small blades mean that even if they are damaged in high winds, which is highly improbable, they won’t cause any significant damage to property or individuals in the close vicinity. Commercial turbines, on the other hand, have large blades and hence can cause significant damage to property and persons in case of a failure.

  • Portable:

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Even if you have enough funds to shell out in the purchase of a large wind turbine, you still need to have ample land resources to install the turbine, which is something that not many homeowners, especially in the urban part of the world, have. Smaller wind turbines, on the other hand, have a very compact form and hence can easily be installed on rooftops, giving everybody a chance to prove that they care for the environment.

  • Savings:


There is no doubt that in the present state of the world, one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is by using renewable energy. Micro wind turbines essentially help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint by allowing them to generate a considerable share of the energy they consume in the form of clean and renewable energy, which is entirely zero on the emissions scale. Moreover, the energy you generate is entirely free for use, thereby helping you considerably reduce your electricity bills.


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