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UK to go nuclear to reduce carbon dioxide emissions

uk going for nuclear power

Is nuclear power a viable answer to curtailing greenhouse gases belching from burning fossil fuels? The UK government feels, going nuclear is the only viable option left for the country in combating climate change. Despite criticisms from former environment ministers of the country, the Gordon Brown Government has made official its decision to return to nuclear power.

Nuclear power is always not appreciated given the impeding dangers. Disposal of wastes from nuclear power plants has always remained a contentious issue. Experts say that installing of nuclear power plants will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by a mere 4 percent. This does not seem encouraging for a country blessed by hundreds of miles of coastlines. It is not clear, why the British government is not concentrating on developing wind and hydel power, the obviously cleaner and cheaper source of alternate energy.

The decision of the UK government is being watched with trepidation by environmentalists. By trying to become eco-friendly, is the UK government heralding further serious disaster?

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