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Global warming turning Greenland ice into water

greenland ice turning water

The once towering ice sheets of Greenland are fast eroding, ringing the danger bells all around. The fear of a tragic sea-level rise is also round the corner. Is it the beginning of scramble for space on earth and around water bodies?

The once tough looking ice sheets of Greenland are fast giving way to gushing streams of rivers and rivulets, throwing normal glacial life out of gear. The glacial cycle of formation of ice, streaming, congelifraction, breaking and making of ice sheets is under severe strain. Warming around the globe has had its implicit impact on the glacial cycle that once produced the long, sturdy-looking ice sheets. Recent times have seen acceleration in the process of melt down of the ice that once dotted the ground and walls of towering mountains, icebergs and glaciers.

Human warming has caused the ice to swell, accelerating the melting and giving rise to a different glacial cycle of melting ice, flowing streams into bedrock making it vulnerable to erosion, breaking cracks inside the ice sheets through expansion and contraction – the result is quite apparent. The speed with which the ice is retreating in the seas has shown a gigantic jump in the recent 10 years.

If the greenhouse gas emissions follow their normal course of playing with the environment, warming, melting and shattering it, the day is not far when glaciers and icebergs turn into streams and inundate and flood the seas and oceans, making life uneasy for both man and animals. Is the human civilization ready to be devoured so easily? Are we ready to die an early death?

Think and you will get the answer. Greenland, Arctic, and Iceland are just the beginning of a disaster ready to befall life on earth.


Source: Nytimes

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