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Transporting Antiques Safely: All You Need to Know

Transporting Antiques Safely

Moving antiques can be tricky, especially if you aren’t sure about how to properly package and transport them safely. If you’re moving antique furniture, artwork, or collectibles from one home to another, it’s important to take extra precautions to keep them in their best condition. Read on to learn more about transporting antiques safely, including the best ways to package them and how to keep them secure while they’re in transit!

Clean the Antiques Beforehand

Be sure to carefully clean all of your antiques before packing to transport them. While packing, use a clean, soft microfiber cloth to gently wipe away any dust or debris that may have settled on your belongings since you last cleaned them. Be especially careful not to use any chemical-based treatments on any wood or other things that will be placed in storage. Chemicals might destroy your valuables if they are sealed in plastic bags without ventilation.

Tips for Properly Packing Antiques for Transport

1.   Separately Wrap Each Item

It is recommended to use multiple layers of packaging, including paper and bubble wrap, when shipping fragile items. Fasten with tape.

2.   Keep the Glass Antiques Safe with Glassine

You can protect your valuables from fingerprints and spills with Glassine, a barrier paper with a waxy texture. Objects with a printed or painted surface absolutely require this Glassine coating. Glass, porcelain, and ceramics should be wrapped in Glassine and taped shut. 

3.   Disassemble Whatever You Can

If at all possible, major pieces of antique furniture should be taken apart before packing and shipping. However, you shouldn’t disassemble anything that isn’t designed to be taken apart or is too old to be put back together. If you can’t disassemble the whole thing, at least take off the knobs and wheels so you can move them independently.

4.   Put Into a Compact Box

Start by lining the box with padding, then arrange your valuables inside, and fill in any empty spaces with more protection. Make sure nothing will move by lightly shaking the box. Tape up the box’s seams. Protect your valuables even further by tapping the box’s flaps and edges with extra foam sheets before shipping them in the smaller box.

5.   Transfer to a Bigger Container and Set Aside

To keep the smaller box from shifting around during delivery, try adding some extra layers of wrap on the interior. Once you’ve finished, tape up the larger box.

6.   Mark the Boxes

Labeling all of your packages as “FRAGILE” will ensure that your valuables are handled with care.

7.   Protect Your Antiques with Insurance

To protect your costly artwork or antique from loss in transit, you should always get additional insurance. You want to rest easy knowing you’ll be compensated fairly if any of your items go missing or are damaged during international shipping by local movers. You should have an expert art dealer or antique dealer give you an estimate of the piece’s value before you buy an insurance policy to protect it. You can be sure your insurance policy is adequate if you know the item’s full replacement cost.

8.   Carefully Transport to the Destination

When you’ve finished packing up your priceless relics, your attention should turn to ensuring that they’re transported without a scratch. Make sure the local movers know which boxes and packaged items include antiques.

If you’re performing a do-it-yourself relocation, protect your fragile antiques from being knocked over or scratched by other objects by placing them in separate boxes. Never stack anything on top of your well-protected antique furniture, and always keep artwork and mirrors standing upright. Dollies should be used to move heavy objects from the house to the truck, and additional moving blankets should be considered once everything is loaded into the truck.

9.   Hire Professional Movers!

If you’re stressed about the challenging task of relocating your priceless antiques and artifacts, then your best bet is to invest in professional moving services like Safebound Moving & Storage,which specialize in expertly handling all variations of fragile items and safely transporting them to their rightful destination! With your antiques in professional hands, you can rest assured that you’ll get them in pristine condition when you begin unpacking!

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