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What is CDN example?

What is CDN example

Content Delivery Network (CDN) will be useful for any business in the field of e-commerce, as well as non-profit organizations that have their own web resources. This service is especially important for platforms with a lot of heavy content, such as streaming ones. CDN global allows you to broadcast a video stream with an average delay of 30 ms, which is imperceptible to humans. This is done by distributing the cache across the network and redirecting user requests to the nearest server.

Distribution of Traffic Over the CDN Network

The peculiarity of the work of streaming platforms is that they experience peaks and downfalls of visits depending on the broadcasts of certain events. At such moments, many users are trying to connect to the platform. Some of them are located at a considerable distance from the main servers. As a result, during peak hours, the load on servers becomes unbearable, which can lead to broadcast failure. To prevent this from happening, the CDN solves several essential tasks:

  • Creates an extensive infrastructure of servers around the world, called points of presence (PoPs)
  • These edge servers store the cache and deliver the demanded content to users
  • Therefore, the viewers’ requests go not to the main server, but to the nearest ones
  • Thanks to this, most of the traffic passes through points of presence without loading the head servers

Where to Find the Best Global CDN?

If your users are dispersed around the world, you need a CDN with the maximum number of points of presence. G-Core Labs has created a unique CDN infrastructure with over 11,000 peering partners and more than 140 points of presence around the world. This gives high network throughput even with more than 2 million requests per second.

By connecting your streaming platform to the G-Core Labs CDN network, you can get an unlimited audience and significantly increase the number of simultaneous viewers.

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