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Toys for toddlers that help in developing skills and brain

Toys for toddlers

Giving some mental challenges to the child is important for its brain development. This can be done through various means such as television programs, books, educational CDs, and regular old fashioned sports and physical activities.Understanding your child’s grasping power and interest, you can decide which means to choose from. Stimulating the child’s brain and developing in the right way is essential.

The right toys

Numerous toys are available in the market, and hence finding the right one to develop your child’s brain and skills is essential. Toys are important for a child’s growth. Toys are conceptualized keeping in mind the development and creativity a kid can enhance while playing with it.

Toys for toddlers

As the baby turns one, it is necessary to enhance its hand-eye coordination. It becomes essential to give the child toys or games that are interactive and need some application. Shape recognition, riding them, understanding animals or birds etc are some of those. Making the kid understand shapes and colors can be the emphasis.

Reading books

Story time is an essential period of the day and should be a compulsory part of the child’s daily routine. Books can be a great medium to develop creativity and a discussion session with your baby. It helps creating a bond between you and your kid. Many local libraries or play houses conduct book reading sessions which can be good for your kid.

Enhancing creativity

Apart from the general day-to-day knowledge, enhancing creativity is the most essential process. A kid’s mind is like a blank slate. Hence, filling it right with the best creative forms is necessary. Creative activities include coloring, painting, playing house with friends, and working with building blocks.

Audio and video for kids

You must have seen many pregnant women listening to music. The reason behind this is that the fetus recognizes voice when it was in the womb. The kids understand and relate to the music it had heard when in the mother’s womb. Moreover, reading about music during pregnancy is also important. Exposure of the kids to various musical instruments is important.

Selecting what to watch on TV and what to avoid is essential. Violent movies or negative news should be avoided. Try showing some educative channels that promote information and have clean, entertaining content.


The right toys and the right games can help develop the kid’s mental as well as physical health. Choose the child’s activities carefully to present maximum food for thought and creativity.

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