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Top Specialty Roofing Systems to Style Your Sweet Home


Every home says something. It reflects the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle. A home with stunning driveways, stylish decks, durable & attractive roofs uplift the owner’s status and inspire others to create a home like one. And, roofs are a major factor in elevating your asset.

Roofs are like the crown of the house. The better the roof is, the better the home looks. A structurally sound and beautiful roofing system enhances the home’s visual appeal and ensures the safety of the property. So, whether you are planning for a new build or renovating the old home to match your lifestyle, you must go for a specialty roofing.

Architects and builders have come up with numerous roofing systems. But, in most cases, the weather imposes limitations on the selection. Like in the US, you will see a majority of the households have asphalt shingle roofs as they go better with the weather. However, with innovation in roofing materials, there is a wide range of residential roofing options available.

Renowned roofing companies in Charlotte offer specialized roofing systems that are durable, affordable, and enhance the curb appeal of beautiful homes. From tiled and cedar roofs to copper and cedar shake roofs, there’s a variety of roofing systems available. Have a look at some of the unique roofing options here.

1. The Timeless Slate Roofing


From the old European structures to the modern homes, the natural slate roofing can complement varied architectures. Highly durable, a natural slate roofing can last a lifetime. The slate roofing makes your home look fabulous and adds the unique charm of the ancient architecture. Its timeless beauty creates a luxurious look and makes your home stand out in the neighborhood.

Slate roofs are easy to maintain and thus save your time and money. Companies are now manufacturing synthetic slates that offer the durability of natural slate roofing and give you the flexibility to choose from a variety of color options. Also, synthetic slates are lightweight and easy to install.

2. The Aesthetically Rich Shake Roofing


If you are the one who never compromises on the aesthetic and design aspects of your home, then shake roofing (wooden roofing) is the best option for you. Hand-cut from the tree trunks, wooden shakes give a rustic appeal and add a more natural tone to your home architecture.

Speaking of its qualities other than the beauty, shake roofings have high insulation value and are resistant to local weather conditions. The natural oil present in the wooden shakes prevents infestation and adds years to the roof’s life cycle.

If you plan to have a deck or patio, you can choose the same wood type that will blend in seamlessly with the current architecture. The wooden roofs can be matched to the new deck or patio, creating a coherent outdoor space.

3. The Versatile Tile Roofing


Roof tiles come in a variety of colors and materials. So, this gives the advantage to create something new and unique for a splendid roofing style. You can choose cement or fiber tiles and then go for the latest color options. The roof tiles come in a variety of styles and textures that suit the modern architecture.

Moreover, tile roofings have advantage over others when it comes to pest and fire resistance. Hence, there’s a guarantee of safety and longevity.

So, if you have a new project coming up, then choose one of these roofing systems with someone like Tpo Pros Roofing & Restoration.

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