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Guide to Choosing the Best Dog Food for Arthritis & Joint Health

Dogs suffer from joint and mobility issues, much like humans, and it can affect dogs of all ages, although most people believe that arthritis affects only older dogs.  Arthritis is the most common ailment among dogs regardless of their breed and physical attributes like the size of the dog and its weight. However, dogs of heavy built are more susceptible to the disease.  The impact of arthritis can vary from being hardly noticeable to severely affecting dogs’ movements and can even lead to some debilitating condition.

To keep the disease under control, you must take care of the animal’s overall health and be careful in choosing the diet for your pet.  Luckily, there are some of the best dog food for joint health that you can fall back upon to reduce the impact of arthritis on your beloved pet.

Consult your veterinarian for the advice of the selection of dog foods that are good for joint health and this article should also help you in selection. But before that, you must know about the signs that tell you that your pet is suffering from joint problems.

Signs of arthritis in dogs

Signs of arthritis in dogs

If you see that your dog has become over-reliant on one of the legs or limping, it is a sure sign that it is suffering from some problem with joint stiffness or mobility. Also, if your dog takes a long time to sit up and down, especially after waking from sleep or resting, it means having problems with the joints. Arthritis causes joint stiffness, especially in older dogs that are unable to bend the joints when walking.  That the dog is in pain becomes evident if it shows reluctance in climbing stairs or jumping.

Besides arthritis, there might be other reasons for joint and mobility problems. It can happen due to congenital and metabolic disorders, as well as hip and elbow dysplasia or from accidents, trauma, and cancer.

Choose an anti-inflammatory diet

anti-inflammatory diet for dogs

To keep joint and mobility problems under control, choose an anti-inflammatory diet for your dog that can alleviate the problems.

Avoid grains – When buying dog food check the labelto ensure that it does not contain wheat, rice, and soy, which is most prevalent in dog foods. Grains are bad for your dog because it fluctuates the sugar level that increases pain and swelling. Since the decision to switch over to a grain-free diet is controversial, check with your vet first.

Be careful with corn – Corn is a staple ingredient in many dog foods, and although its high carbohydrate content is a source of high energy, some dogs might be sensitive to it as it can cause inflammation. Although there might not be any immediate reaction, problems can show up with time.

Fatty proteins – fatty proteins are bad for dogs suffering from arthritis because it can increase body weight and aggravate the problems of pain and joint mobility. Feed your dog with lean proteins like grass-fed meat, chicken, or turkey to keep calories down.

Ensure minimal intake of Omega 6 fatty acids to keep inflammation under control.

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