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To fish or not to fish porbeagles: Endangered status undecided


It seems, there is something fishy about the Canadian shark population. Recently, the Canadian wildlife authorities are debating whether they will allow the fishermen to catch Porbeagle sharks. For the Federal fisheries officials the ‘spectacular drop’ in the number of these sharks is very disturbing indeed.

Previous years have witnessed the killing and deaths of several of these sharks in Canadian waters. These animals were being killed almost to the ‘brink of extinction’. But, the Federal fisheries officials are little more aware now. Eastern Canada has already seen a sharp drop in the Porbeagle population. Not only Porbeagles, but other sharks also are endangered in this part of the world. Dr. Steven Campana, head of the Canadian Shark Research Laboratory at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography shares his perspectives regarding this matter. According to Campana:

They all fished for sharks using scientific methods or identical methods — they all used 600 baited hooks per day. At this point we estimate there are about 190,000 porbeagles out there off Atlantic Canadian waters.


Shark population is taking a nose dive all around the globe. Off the coast of Australia, Great whites are dying slowly while, the US is also witnessing an alarming drop in the shark population. Researchers and shark lovers are concerned that these sharks might not live for the next generation. They will face the same thing that shoals of Cod fishes faced back in the day.

I think, instead of waiting for too long, the authorities involved in this matter should declare these sharks endangered. At least this would be a temporary restrictive measure. This way fewer sharks will get killed. In 2004, the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC), recommended that porbeagles should be declared endangered.

As of now, the conservationists are also considering yet another approach; to set a quota for this particular species of sharks. However, considering the slow growth of porbeagles, people are thinking otherwise. So right now the question still remains: To fish or not to fish porbeagles.

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