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6 – Tips for overcoming inferiority complex in children

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Inferiority complex in children, if cured during an early age, can be a great step in helping them become more confident, more assertive, and stronger adults.  It is something that is very difficult to do when the child has blossomed into an adult, as the personality of an adult is much less pliable than that of a child.

Children are free spirits

Children are born with confidence that adults can only dream of. But sometimes, some children lose this self-confidence and become unsure and unhappy. Your child may feel less capable than his or her friends and classmates. There are many causes behind the inferiority complex in children. For example, it can happen due to harsh parenting styles or due to the stress at school. Sometimes the change of residence or school may also make the child feel insecure when he or she is not able to cope. Harsh comments from teachers or parents are one of the main reasons why a child feels inferior.

So how do you help your child overcome his/her inferiority complex and regain self-confidence? Before dealing with the matter, first, you should understand what is it that causes a child to feel inferior. So, first you need to understand the signs  inferiority complex in children:

Signs of inferiority complex in children

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  • Your child refuses to mix with other children and wants to stay at home.
  • He or she shies away from participating in activities such as dancing, or sports where he or he has to exhibit himself.
  • The child speaks about bad luck.
  • The child may cry frequently to get attention and may avoid eye contact. He or she may get irritated frequently and may stammer while speaking.

Tips to overcome inferiority complex in children

As a parent, you can do certain things to help your child overcome the feeling of inferiority.

1. Accept your child

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Sometimes, the high expectations from you may lead to a child feeling bad about himself. All children are different and have their own potential, which not be the ones that can easily be recognized. Some children are naturally introvert, and pushing them to be extroverts may harm their psyche. Let your child feel as if he is your ‘superstar’ kid, and this will gradually build his confidence.

2. Don’t compare

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Even siblings are quite different and children who are not related are even more so. Comparing your child to other children, and pointing out their mistakes leads to a drop in a child’s self-esteem. This might make your child feel worthless and increase the feeling of being inferior to other children.

3. Give importance to your child

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Some parents talk to their children without urging, but some need some encouragement. Talk to your child, ask about school and friends, especially if you see him downcast. Talking every day will help your child to open up to you, and you might find out the reason for his feeling low. Winning your child’s confidence is very important, as it will reveal any problems at daycare or school. If necessary, talk to the teachers so that any problem (such as bullying) can be resolved.

4. Do not scold them before their friends or other grownups

Children are sensitive beings, though we seem to forget it. Scolding in front of their friends or other people may shame the child, and might even make him or her an easy target for other children to pick on. Always remember that your child will hardly ever, or never scold you back, and it might put a big dent in her confidence if you scold her publicly. Mistakes should be corrected, but do that gently in the privacy of your home.

5. Display your affection

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All parents dote on their children and love them unconditionally. They are the center of your lives. But does your child know it? You do have to show your affection, to make your child realize how much you love him/her. Be present for your child’s birthday, annual function, annual sports day and also every day, take out time to just relax and play with them. When children know that their parents love them, no matter what, they feel confident and happy.

6. Avoid criticizing

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Criticizing also leads to an inferiority complex in your children. Always avoid negative comments like “You are a nuisance”, or “Don’t be stupid”, “You don’t concentrate”, which will make your child feel bad and doubt his self-worth.

Appreciation is one of the best ways to make your child feel good about himself/herself. Appreciating your child’s smallest achievements or even his attempts to try something will help to overcome an inferiority complex.

If you feel unable to cope with the situation, then do seek professional advice as soon as possible. Timely intervention, from you or an expert will help your child grow up to a confident child.

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