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How competitive parents are damaging children’s confidence

competitive parents are damaging children’s confidence

To survive in today’s highly competitive world, parents desire their child in giving their best in all fields to perform much better compared to others at all times. However, in the process such parents strip the enjoyment of the life of their children. Most parents are so competitive in nature that they face difficulty in becoming familiar as to where they should draw the line amid their kid’s developing a competitive spirit as well as their personal desire in having their child win.

In fact, few parents are enthusiastic with respect to the level of getting disappointed and upset when their kid loses.

In fact, parents who react in this manner are generally ignorant of the negative effects they have may have on the ability of their child in succeeding and therefore winning.

What leads to the competitive nature in parents?

There are untold reasons that build competition in the mind of parents. One major reason behind this is repeating the family history. When a person has been born and brought up in a family where competition is a norm, it is quite likely that they will themselves grow up as overly competitive.

Another reason why parents become competitive is that they try to live their life via their child. Indeed the parent that feels it for their kid to flourish, they should make the decisions concerning their life, as they are fully aware of what is best for their little one and above all does not want the kid in committing the same mistake, which they have made.

How competitive parents damage children’s confidence 

Comparing or competitive parents are those parents who, along with having the habit of bragging and boasting about the achievements of their child also look down on other children and their parents. In fact, they further begin to comment on their performance besides humiliating them to the utmost.

This is not the end. They keep bothering their child for maintaining consistency when it comes to their performance and also holds top position always. They are so blinded with competition that they fail in understanding the meaning and significance of good, healthy child rearing.

They treat the process of raising their kid akin to a contest wherein the modes of upbringing are always judged via the activities, which their child performs along with the stages in which they are likely to perform them.

Every child requires room for growing and learning for making their individual decisions on various levels. And when parents try to control their child persistently, the child turns upset and begins in resenting their parents. Pressurizing the child constantly turns hazardous, resulting in damage of their confidence. Owing to this competitive nature of parents, the joy associated with childhood is quickly disappearing with parents keenly inflicting several activities one after the other for ensuring their kid succeeds.


Parents must avoid being over competitive. Rather, they should understand the significance of healthy competition and thereby make efforts in inculcating these in their children as well.

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