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Tips for comforting your highly sensitive partner

Highly sensitive people are the people whose senses get stimulated easily. They are highly empathetic and they feel more than an average person. They understand emotions well and are highly perceptive towards other’s emotions. They can tell what the person across the room is feeling like.

Being a highly sensitive person is not easy; since their emotions get triggered by something as small as rough fabric, they can be misunderstood. They are intuitive and so they can be mistaken for being judgmental. But they make the most passionate lovers.

If you have a highly sensitive partner, here are few tips that will help you understand and love them better.

Don’t be hasty


When talking about something of significance with your partner, you should avoid being hasty. Their thoughts are deeper and more complex. They need time to contemplate their thoughts before speaking. You need to be patient and avoid rushing them, they will most definitely appreciate your patience and it will lead to better communication between you and your partner.

Don’t play loud music

Noises are a huge stimulant and blaring music can make your partner highly uncomfortable. If they express to you that they are not able to enjoy the music, try to play something soothing or play something that you both can enjoy.

Speak softly


Loud noises can get on anybody’s nerves let alone highly sensitive people. Whether you are arguing or merely having a conversation, try to speak as softly as you can especially if you are near to them. They will feel more comfortable in talking to you.

Accept their criticism with open arms

People who are highly sensitive pay attention to details and it is their natural tendency. They observe things that may elude you. If they criticize you about something, know that they have spoken up after minute observation and is not a blatant judgment. It might actually be productive for you.

Take it easy on drinks with them


While you might enjoy getting drunk, your highly sensitive partner will be a mess if they get drunk. For them, a light high is great and being totally drunk is undesirable. When you go out for drinks with them, don’t force them to drink more with you and make sure that you send them home when they express the wish to go home.

Don’t judge them for crying

Crying is a way of releasing all the buildup of stress and distress. While many of us find it easier to keep a straight face even when they are flooding with emotions, highly sensitive people find it hard to do the same. They cry easily and they have no control over it. They don’t do it for sympathy or attention, and your judgment is the last thing they need.

Listen to them


Highly sensitive people are good listeners. They will listen to you when you need to talk to somebody. In return, you should try to be a good listener for them. Sometimes, they simply want to spill everything they have been feeling and by simply listening to them you can help them feel better.

Be honest about your emotions

They are perceptive people and they will know that something is wrong just by looking at your face. Trying to cover up the truth will be useless as they will try to figure out what’s wrong and will not be able to enjoy your company.

Simply convey them how you feel and they will appreciate your honesty. It is better to tell them the truth instead of thinking that they will be better off with a lie.

Support their alone time


While you might want to be around them more often, they might not share the same opinions as you. They need some time alone to deal with their overwhelming emotions and it has nothing to do with you. If they convey that they would rather be alone, you should support their decision instead of pressing company on them.

For instance, if they would like to leave a party, accompany them outside; if they are feeling overwhelmed, suggest a nap or a walk. Try to be supportive and understand their needs.


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