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Timer strips at home can save you a truckload of energy

You may have heard about power strips or timer strips. If you are unsure of this way to save power at home, then it is time you understand the concept of a timer strip and its importance in cutting down your energy bills.

What is a timer or power strip?

In simple terms, a power strip or timer strip takes charge of the power supply to various devices in your home. For example, you may have computers, televisions, music systems and various types of other cords connected to a power strip. If you do not want to use multiple devices at one time, then you do not need to switch off every single device on your own. You may simply turn off a switch on your power strip and all plugged devices would shut down. Basically, the strip will cut off the power supply to all plugged devices. This can save a significant amount of energy for you.

A timer strip is like a timer button in your television. If you need to switch your television on or off, then you may set up its timer to do this automatically. It is the same with a timer strip. You can set up a time after which it will cut off the power supply to all plugged devices in order to turn them off. This is basically a simple cut-down for devices on standby sucking up vampire energy.

Types of a timer strip

Timers strips can be of varied types. You can usually see a wall-switch replacement type timer, which can easily take the place of your regular wall switch. It has a timer dial that may be used to set up the required time after which you would want the attached gadgets switched off.

This type of a timer controls the circuit for your electrical devices. After you set up a specific time, its dial starts winding down. It slowly reached the point when it is required to shut off and cut the power supply to your devices. This type of timer can also control your wall outlets at times. Then, it can control any device you may have plugged into an outlet.

Another type is of a 24-hour timer that comes handy to those people who follow almost the same routine each day and want their gadgets to be powered during a specific time interval. Thus, device on and off settings can be done for each day. You will not have to set it manually every time.

Saving energy using timer strips

Timer strips can save a lot of energy in total at your home, as you connect most of your high-power consumption devices to such timer strips. While some devices keep consuming energy even if they are switched off, it gets better with a timer strip because such a strip cuts off the power supply totally.

Therefore, you do not even let the devices consume a low amount of energy as they had been consuming otherwise. Remember that all little savings lead to a huge total saving. A simple fix in the form of a timer strip can help you eliminate the need to switch off various devices manually all the time. Thus, your electricity usage can go down significantly when you opt for power strips.

Easy installation for timer strip

It is also very easy to install a timer strip in your home. You only require an open wall outlet to plug it in and the rest of the devices find a plug-in place on the strip itself. Set the timer dial according to your requirements and you are ready to start your energy savings.


A timer strip is a very useful device that can control a variety of electrical and electronic equipment at once and can cut off their power supply when desired. Thus, you can save good amounts of energy using a timer strip at home.


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