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Time Saving Techniques for Moms

[box_dark]New Age Super Moms: Multi-Taskers[/box_dark]


            Life has changed a lot in the past one decade. Women today, are no more just stay at home moms, who go around doing household chores and take care of their children. Their role is much more beyond being a mom and a home maker today. With increased literacy levels among women, more exposure level, supportive family set ups and husbands women are out there like never before.

The new age mom is a super mom in true sense of the word. With broader thinking, exposure, higher literacy she is not just a mom. She is a partner in her husband’s responsibilities, she is a teacher and a friend as well to her children, she is the one who is holding the home foundation and family bonds strongly.

Believe it or not, the new age woman is doing all her duties with utmost ease and efficiency. Ever wondered, then how do these new age moms, with their responsibility of a child, job and a home manage their time so well. Thanks to technology and the awareness of these new age women, they are really able to multi task and manage their time efficiently.

[box_dark]Take time to save time[/box_dark]

Be 10 minutes earlier to pick your child from day care or your office. These spare 10 minutes will give you that relaxation time for yourself, which is really needed to switch roles and have a relaxed & fresh beginning


Small things like keeping a back up ready(like milk powder, tetra milk pack besides your daily supply of fresh milk), having your entire weeks menu planned on the weekends, vegetables chopped & stored for the week help you have your weekdays spaced out. Have the wardrobe for the entire week ready day wise, on a sunday so that you need not spend extra time on it on a busy monday morning

[box_dark]Outsource Time Consuming Tasks[/box_dark]

Tasks like cooking on weekdays, cleaning of the house, laundry chores can be outsourced to cooks and domestic helps, so that once back home, they have quality time with their children


A real life mom is not an ideal television soaps daughter in law and wife who does every small little thing herself. There is no harm in delegating small tasks like laying out the dinner table to your husband. If kids are old enough, there is no harm if you delegate them the task of packing their own lunch box and school bags. You are only making them more responsible


            These are small things, but this proper planning is what gives these new age moms time for their careers as well as their families.





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