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This funky Russian house looks like one big seashell

Designed by ArchStudia Vega, this stunning seashell inspired home in Tavatuy, Sverdlovsk region, Russia has been aptly named the Seashell House. Shaped like a huge seashell, the stylish house features three different levels and a 7-meters high stained-glass window at its gable end that brings inside the natural light. The residential property uses bionic forms in its architecture, which makes for the atrium space and free planning. The highest level of the 228sqm Seashell House features the bedroom with a bathroom and cloakroom. It has a round bed and offers magnificent views of the lake via transparent glass barrier and the huge window.

This level represents the air above the sea. Coming down the stairs, you reach the second level of the Seashell House that includes the living room, dining room, kitchen, guest’s bathroom and the entrance to the house. While a glass lamp illuminates this space, a natural pyramid fireplace adds warmth. Follow the stairs again to reach the lowest level which mimics the sea floor. This level has water lily shaped sofas, a small office and a guest’s room with a bed with a water mattress.

The beautiful sea anemone lamps surround this handmade bed. The Seashell House has been accentuated with beautiful glass tile trimmings. The walls and the ceiling of the Seashell House feature the chameleon coat that changes its color to the illumination and different time of the day. The construction of the Seashell house started in 2006 and ended in 2011.

Via: Inhabitat/Architecture Lab


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