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They’re serious! It’s the age of heel condoms

Heel Condoms!!! This would how many of you would respond to this. Many of you probably know what these are but you do not know that they have this out of the box name. Heel condoms are one trend that has taken the world by storm in the recent times and the ones who do not know what this trend is all about, just read on.

Heel Condoms (origin)

Heel Condoms, a name that can stun the first time readers is actually a protection for your heels, it is like a dress up for heels. A brainchild of a young Puerto Rican girl Sandrysabel Ortiz, Heel Condoms serves as a protection against marks and scuffs for your heels. They also serve as a cover to hide already damaged heel, and last but surely not the least they add a charisma and style to the otherwise simple pair of heels. They are so good that you can make your not so expensive and simple pair of stilettos looks something like a pricey pair of heels.

What do Heel Condoms look like?

They are pretty creations of a young Spanish girl that are simple yet extremely stylish. They are straps made of lace, sequins, flower, bows, frills, knots, leather, and some other things that you are supposed to dress up your heel with as a slip-on. The name Heel Condom is just apt, as it is supposed to be worn like the real one, and the protection it gives to your heel. Ortiz believes that just as we dress ourselves, we can dress up our shoes too. This superb cool accessory is capable to give old and weary pair of shoes an all-new and fresh look.

The benefits of Heel Condoms

The transformation

If you think a pair of your heels no more looks good, or you feel the color is too dull and does not go well with your outfits then just try dressing up your heel with a Heel Condom. You would be amazed to see the great transformation in your old shoe, and you would certainly fall in love with it all over again.

The pretty colors and stuff

The variety of colors, stuff and designs you get in this accessory is fantastic. Any color, any design type, or any stuff that tickles your fancy, you will get it. You can match this cool shoe accessory to the color and fabric of your dress as well.

Enhances the versatility of a shoe

You cannot wear a same shoe with many outfits but if you dress up your shoe, you certainly can. Change the Heel Condom just as you change your outfit, and you can wear a same pair of heels with so many different outfits, each time looking new and beautiful.

No need to carry too many shoes while travelling

When we go out on a vacation, or to attend some function out of state, we ensure we carry ample clothes with matching accessories and footwear. However, sometimes it is just not feasible to carry too many matching footwear and we tend to compromise with the not so matching looks. However, there is no need to compromise if you own some cool, trendy, chic and matching Heel Condoms. A single pair would also do, just keep changing the accessory to match your outfit every time.

Give firmness to heels

Sometimes wearing heels is not that comfortable but Heel Condoms can certainly make them comfortable, as it secures them firmly to your feet.

Funny name but an extremely useful and happening shoe accessory is the Heel Condom. They are so cool that they have literally taken the world by storm.


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