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The weirdest collections of some very enterprising individuals

Paul Brockman 55,000 dresses

You must have heard about various people in the world who have a hobby of collecting different things such as stamps, bottle caps, coins etc. However, all the people differ in their hobbies and so do their choice of collecting things.

While some find solace in collecting coins and stamps, others have an obsession towards weird things such as celebrity hair and even and mammal penises. Read below to know such crazy collections of even more crazy people around the world.

Unusual Celebrity Autograph Collection

Image Source : Bp.BlogSpot.Com

Who in this world does not want to meet his favorite movie star and who even doesn’t want to treasure the memories of this encounter? Well, there would be no one like this I believe. Paul Schmelzer is one such celeb fan who loves to have the autographs of his favorite celebrities, but with a twist.

He wants his favorite celebs to sign his own name. His unique collection includes 70 signatures from the famous Noam Chomsky, Dan Castellaneta, Chuck Close and Barney Gumble. Paul began this amazing hobby when one of his friends named Spencer asked a famous jazz musician Ben Sidran to sign his name as an autograph.

The Dress Drove

Paul Brockman 55,000 dresses

Image Source : e4p7c9i3.stackpathcdn.com

John Florio once said – A good husband makes a good wife. It seems that Paul Brockman has seriously taken this into consideration. This amazing and fun-loving husband from California has gone all over the way to collect 55,000 wonderful dresses for his beloved wife. Margot, his wife would be surely feeling herself as lucky to have such a loving husband.

Pickled Punks

Image Source : Thehumanmarvels.Com

These weird and spine chilling unusual collection of abnormal fetuses is owned by many including the famous C.M. Christ. These people are referred to as pickle punk collectors. Who go on collecting rubber replicas of the fetuses since owning real ones will surely make you end up nowhere but behind the bars.

Latex Mermaid Tails

Image Source : Chirkup.Me

I loved watching Disney’s famous animated movie “The Little Mermaid” and even wanted to be one. Erich Ducharme from Florida is one such mermaid lover who has dedicated his life towards the love of these imaginary creatures. Erich owns, manufactures and even wears a large collection of tailor-made mermaid tails created out of urethanes, latex rubbers and silicone. His business is known as Mertailor.

Naval Fluff Collection

Image Source : NbcNews.Com

For most of us naval fluff or belly button lint is nothing more than non-sense. However, Graham Barker finds these to be worth collecting and in fact has the record of collecting the largest number of belly button lint to his name.

By reading the above mentioned crazy collections and their owners you must now be having a detail idea of how weird and atypical human beings can be when it comes to their hobbies. Go on and explore what type of collection you would want to have…..]]>

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