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The multi-millionaire celebrities of YouTube

They are out of real life heroes who by sheer talent and innovative programs on YouTube earned a dedicated following and in the process earned millions for themselves. Their extraordinary talents, unpretentious ways and easy attitude have turned them into real life heroes for millions around the world. Here is a list of some of such inspiring youths who glitter the cyber space. The video game maker

 Meet Felix Kjellberg

Image Source : BusinessInsider Meet Felix Kjellberg, who is arguably YouTube’s biggest celebrity, with over 31 million subscribers and a hundred millions of views on his videos. This 25 year old Swedish guy makes money through ad sales from his “Pewdiepie” channel by featuring surreal video clips on it, made at his Brighton, England apartment. How much money does he actually make? Well all he says is, “I’m tired of talking about how much money I make” but rumor is he rakes in a straight $4 million a year. The doll maker

 Daiane DeJesus

Image Source : Blogdobg The truth is out. Ever wondered about the face behind the popular character in YouTube Channel’s “D.C Toy Collector” that has left enchanted a million children around the world? Well she is a Daiane DeJesus, now a retired 29 years old Brazilian-born porn star. The “DC Toys Collectors” shows a pair of disembodied female hands taking toys out of the boxes and then demonstrating their use. Purportedly the highest paid creators on YouTube, the Toys Collector has nearly four million subscribers and over five billion views until date which helps the lady earn nearly five million a year. The commentator-

James Wilson Jr.

Image Source : TheJournal Who is James Wilson Jr.? Well, it is no surprise if you do not know him. He is a no real life hero or a mainstream star after all. However, for those who are hooked onto online gaming, he is a star. This 24 years guy is an extremely popular video game commentator who uploads videos that show him playing “Minecraft”, “Sims4” and “Grand Theft Audio V”. His comic content and humorous ways have endeared him to millions of viewers around the world even as he doles out relevant tips and tricks on how to hone on them. With subscribers nearing three millions and over a billion and a half views, no wonder he is a celebrity in his own right! The gaming man

 Jordan Maron

Image Source : TheJournal Jordan Maron aka Captain Sparklez is a yet another wonder boy of gaming whose viewing on his YouTube channel has crossed the ten digit mark while about a million people have subscribed to it. This 21-year-old Californian is best known for his “Minecraft” videos uploading. He originally started out posting help videos for those who were stuck on different levels of Minecraft. Soon he extended his support to other video gamers including instruction manuals for them as well as parody video comedies using some of the most popular video games. The Viral Man


Image Source : TheJournal Well not literally, someone who sends someone beside him into fever, the 81 born Ray William Johnson, a YouTube celebrity has certainly turned the online visitors feverish with his YouTube series “Equals Three”, a short- form program chasing the buzz on Internet trending topics since its launch in 2009. This American video blogger, producer, and actor has since retired from the program and is concentrating on making a documentary blasting on cable monopolies. However, with his replacement, the show is likely to return on his channel which today has about 10.6 million subscribers. These wiz kids and others like them are certainly proving to be real life heroes for the millions of youngsters around the world, and surely their intelligent and innovative ways of earning a living out of their hobbies has earned them a grand following and in the process helped them earn a fortune for themselves.]]>


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