The basic steps towards a cleaner aquarium

<![CDATA[Aquarium is so perfect for any home. It enhances the décor of a home and at the same time, it is such a nice feeling to have it inside home. It is just like having a pet. You derive joy from their company. You can enjoy the residents of the aquarium, look at their antics, and get amused.

The other good factor about aquarium at home is that it is liked by all members of the family, both young and old. With different designs of aquariums available, one can get one suited for his home, big or small, expensive or less costly.

The main aspect to consider about aquariums at home is its cleaning. You do not have to worry though. With simple steps, you can ensure a clean and sparkling aquarium at home. Even the fish inside it will say a quiet thank you to you.

Here are some basic cleaning suggestions for your aquarium:

Before you start cleaning, unplug all wires from the tank.

Cleaning the tank: Cleaning the tank with soap or any other cleaning solution can be harmful for the fish. Even if you say that you will rinse the tank well, there are chances that some chemicals might remain inside the tank that can even kill the fish and other beings in the tank. Even the lingering odour is not good for the inhabitants of the fish tank, for both the flora and fauna.  The best way to go about this is using an algae cleaner or scrubber to clear the walls of the aquarium before you change water. You could also enlist fish like Plecostomus to help. This fish loves gobbling up algae, but for larger aquariums it is quite likely you will have to do some the dirty work yourself.

Cleaning the gravel or the rock inside the tank: You can use a gravel vacuum to clean the bottom of the tank. It has to be cleaned well because food and fish excreta might get trapped amongst them.


The accessory clean up: Your tank might have many accessories such as ship, plants or any other showpieces. It is better to bring them out and clean with plain water. Let it dry and then only place them back.

Filter cleaning: The cleaning of the filter, that is, if you have one in your tank is also important. You should get a good idea about cleaning the filter and for which you can check with the manual or a pet store.

Water fill: After all the cleaning is done, you are ready to fill the tank with fresh water. Then you can switch on the lights and other plugs in the tank. It is not recommended to change the entire water of the aquarium. It is best to change only a small percentage, roughly 10 to 20 percent of the water needs to be changed.

Summary: Aquarium cleaning should be done periodically and it can be done easily by following simple 5 steps that can ensure a cleaner and brighter aquarium.]]>

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