Practical approach to your commercial kitchen floor

<![CDATA[Flooring is a characteristic and very noticeable change that an individual or organization can opt for their kitchen. This will always create a new look, a better ambiance and an improved approach to the appearance of the kitchen. As it goes for flooring in commercial kitchen, there are the harshest treatments aimed in that direction. The kitchen is a place constantly exposed to heat, not to mention the damages that may occur due to occasional falls from the heavy equipment used there as well. Therefore, the flooring of kitchens is a very vital and needs to be handled with utmost care, especially for commercial kitchen flooring.

When it comes to commercial kitchens, there is a wide and large scope of options that could be used to achieve the result. These options should also be under the code approved for health. Health codes declare that the floor should be non-slip, washable and non-absorbent.

Have the floor laminated

The first option would be to have the floor laminated. To laminate is a cheaper yet durable version of real hardwood flooring. Lamination of the floor gives the floor the look of having real wood, or stone, though it is an entirely different material. Installing a laminated floor is quite easy and the cleaning process is even easier.


Another option that is closely similar to laminating is linoleum. Linoleum is quite expensive compared to laminating but it has a larger and wider scope of patterns, designs, and styles that will suit your kitchen. It is also much more durable than many other flooring options.

Actual wood

If that is not enough, one can opt for actual wood. The type of wood most often used in the kitchen commercially is oak, maple and pine. To do this flooring, the wood is laid in planks, tiles or strips. Maintenance, however, is the first thing that you should be ready for when you choose this option. The floors have to be sanded and furnished severely after a period of time to ensure the shiny and pleasant look.

Summary There are many options in the market. The only thing that matters is the amount of capital that you are willing to spend on the flooring of the kitchen. Not to forget the amount of work that will be done in that kitchen; if the workload is large then the floor has to be stronger.]]>

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