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The $60,000 corrugated pipe bunker to survive the Doomsday

If you cannot afford the $10 million Vivos bunker that guarantees you survival in case of a catastrophe, you have the $60,000 Atlas Survival Shelter, which can go 20 feet underground to save you from tornadoes and other disasters. Sold by Al’s Army Navy Store in Altamonte Springs, the 32×10-foot Doomsday Bunker has been made from a large metal tube. Store’s assistant manager Jeremy Ross cited that this survival shelter is meant for people who are ‘just kind of preparing for something’.

Fully functional at 20ft below the ground, the Atlas Survival Shelter comes complete with Bunk Beds with under-the-lid storage, escape hatch for emergency attacks, mudrooms with a lockable laser cut interior door, countertops, kitchen with sink, low voltage electric lights, electric outlets and toilet. If that doesn’t impress you much, you can also go for the optional flatscreen TV, shortwave radios, camera surveillance, 300-5,000 gallon water tanks, 100-500 gallon fuel storage tanks, DVD player, power-generating exercise bicycle, red oak cabinets and beds, solar panels, restroom facility or an electric toilet with tank.

The Atlas corrugated pipe shelter looks like a studio apartment and they are offering a range of shelters to meet your specific needs. The shelters mare made with quality materials, which include corrugated pipe and bullet-resistant hardened steel. Moreover, they are also offering 10 acres of Free Arizona Land with the purchase of Atlas Survival Shelter.

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