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Ten wild animals and their masters who love them avidly

<![CDATA[Thanks to all the animal lovers have always found room for animals in their hearts and in their homes. Animals make this world look beautiful and make great companions. Some people do go the extra mile and open their homes to animals that aren’t really supposed to be pets. It can be quite dangerous, but once you have learnt to love an animal, it’s not that easy to let go.   

The Hyena men of Nigeria

It is difficult to imagine being in close proximity to hyenas. Call it the need or inventiveness, but human being usually comes up with strange thoughts that are immensely surprising to the onlooker. Usually seen in Nigeria, The Hyena men, or Gadawan Kura as they are known in Hausa, make a living by entertaining the city crowd by putting a show with the help of their pets. They do not pet dogs or cats, but Hyena and Rock Pythons walk along wherever they go. This tradition has been passed down since generations, from father to son, and can give goose bumps to the bravest. (Source)

Rafael Villafane knows his Jaguar can kill him with one blow

Rafael Villafane loves wrestling with his best friend Maya, a Jaguar. Seeing such an animal in some sanctuary would give shivers to those who stand outside the cage, but Rafael is not afraid to hang out with Maya in restaurants and parks. Rafaeal got Maya as a gift from a friend when she was a small cub, and he fell in love with it. Rafael has spent £30,000 to make an enclosed space for Maya. Rafael wishes to keep Maya with him, as the animal is not habitual of its natural habitat and has no experience of feeding itself on its own hunt. (Source)

Sergey Falkov shares his flat with a crocodile

Sergey Falkov bought a crocodile in Africa out of his love for crocodiles, and is now living with the deadly animal under the same roof. Sergey has two rooms, one of which is occupied by his pet crocodile, Tuzik. (Source)

Annel Snyman’s guesthouse

A guesthouse owner in the Waterberg region of South Africa, Annel Snyman and her adopted lion cub Timba used to share the same bed while sleeping.  Annel’s love for the wild animals grew so much that at a point of time she had five lions, a leopard, cheetah cub and African wild cats on her farm. Annel even appealed to Department of Nature Conservation to allow her to raise wild animals on her farm itself. (Source)

Vicki Lowing’s crocodiles

Vicki Lowing is a nurse by profession and lives with her son in Melbourne, but what makes her different from others is her love for crocodiles. Her son Andrew has to share his mother’s love with three other members of the family; Johnie, Fovian and Jilfia. These three crocodiles take part in almost everything in family from taking shower in bathroom to sleeping carelessly on sofa. (Source)

Lucian Craita’s best friend

Romania’s Lucian Craita had so much love for the big cats that he spent 1000 Euros to buy a  lion cub, Richi which he later had to hand over to Vier Pfoten Animal association. When Richi got one and half year old, Lucian realized it was time for Richie to live with his own kind. (Source)

Ary Borges’s big family


A Brazilian family has set an amazing example of saving endangered tigers. Ary Borges, 43 has not one or two, but seven gigantic tigers in her house. The family eats, lives, and swims with the majestic creatures. They even let them linger in to their kitchen when they have their meal. (Source)

Burmese Python

A Burmese Python, Lucky came back to its friend Sambath every time it was shown the way to the forest. Sambath, a teenager boy and the python share a bond of true friendship. (Source)

Lovable Wolves

A Belarussian family from Zacherevye has a couple of wolves in their house, living as an important part of the family. Since 2009, Oleg Seleh, a Biologist by profession has kept these wild animals in his house. Theses wolves even let the kids of the family ride on their back. (Source)

Zen the Lynx

Having a Lynx as a pet was a dream come true for Pavel and Svetlana Nikulochkin who lives in Kaluga, Russia. Their daughter Sofia bottle-fed Zen, a Lynx who is now family to them. Zen trusts Sofia so much that it even lets her dress him up for special occasions. (Source)]]>

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