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Ten single bed mattress under $100

Now, interior decoration trends have a prominent role in maintaining your house. Even in your bedroom, you can implement many interior decoration techniques. As the bedroom is the place that gives you comfort and relaxation, the decoration ideas have more relevance. In your bedroom, the color of the paint used, bed sheet, type of bed etc can influence your mind. So, it is important to select suitable and lovely things for your private room.

In our day today life, after many activities, you need a good space for better sleep. In such a scenario, the place and the selection of bed and mattress matter a lot. It would be better if you select a calm area for sleeping. Like this, a comfortable mattress can provide ultimate relaxation to your body and mind. If you do not give proper care in selecting best sleeping materials, it may interrupt your sleep or gradually you may fall into several health issues related to lack of sleep and relaxation.

A lot of branded mattresses and bedding are available today. They include mattresses and pillows with foam, coir etc. When you select a mattress, it should be comfortable for the body, especially for your back. For people who suffer from back pain or body pain, certain mattresses are usually suggested by doctors. Some companies make unique mattresses with certain attributes. Read about the most suitable and special mattresses. Hope this shopping guide can help you in selecting a good one.

1. Organic water bed mattress

Price: $99 to $300

Water bed mattress

Organic water bed with hydro support is a good addition to the bedroom. Usually, the water beds are constructed from soft PVC. They can be heated up to a certain temperature. The water beds can minimize the body pressure, especially the pressure of the spine muscle. The water bed is a perfect aid for those who suffer from back pain or other discomforts.

Product USP: The Strobel Technologies presents an organic water bed with hydro support. It is thicker than other usual beds and available in all sizes. It has a heater compatible bottoms, and fire resistance. Moreover, it has got a pretty good customer satisfaction rate and 30 year warranty.

The bed is very durable and comfortable for those who need a perfect support to their back.

2. Comfort magic memory 4.5-inch foam sofa sleeper

Price: $95. 99

Comfort magic sofa sleeper

Memory foam mattress is the fastest growing product in the industry. It is a product which is compatible to the climatic conditions. The foam was first manufactured for NASA in 1970.

Product USP: The memory foam mattress is a good choice for your coat. The manufacturer called Comfort Magic has developed a complete sofa mattress. It has unique features. This can be folded into a sofa sleeper. The foam has a natural anti-microbial capacity, and it is resistant to dust and mites. The foam cover is washable.

This mattress gives a comfort sleep to you, and of course, it provides the maximum rest .

3. Elite Ottoman mattress

Price: $ 92

Elite ottoman matress

This is a special single mattress available for you. This mattress has specific features.

Product USP: Mattress has three layers of perfectly blended cotton wrap. This is durable as it is made of quality materials.

As per the customer reviews, it is comfortable and easy to use the product. You can change them very easily as it is light weight. It has a good color scheme. It can be used in guest room, living room or your bedroom.

4. Essentia

Price : $100 -$5000

Essentia Mattress

The memory foam is the most important product in the industrial world now. Essentia is a leading manufacturing unit that mainly makes their own memory mattress. If you research, surely you can understand the significance of the natural memory foam. This is very healthy for the body.

Product USP: Essentia memory mattress has its own specialties. They also manufacture special foams for people who suffer from back pain and neck or shoulder pain. They also use latex number pads to give support to the hip region.

Definitely the Essentia mattress can be a perfect aid for your body. You can get a sound sleep throughout the night.

5. Simmons mattress

Price: $100- $1050

Simmons mattress

Among many famous brands available in the world, Simmons beauty rest and back care mattress has a special place. Simmons is a leading manufacturer in the United States. They manufacture mattresses and because of the reliability and uniqueness, their products have a wide range of customer popularity.

Product USP: Simmons has introduced beauty rest care and back care mattresses. The beauty rest care mattress is made of two storey pocketed coils. Back care mattress has a combination of inner spring coils and zoned foam. Their products are made of vasco elastic or memory foams and latex foams. Furthermore, they have ultra 360 degree foam encasement system.

The Simmons mattress is an apt choice for people who need back care ad support.

6. Sleep number bedding collection

Price: Starting from $99.99

Sleep number bedding collection

There are many people who always look for a difference. For those, some unique and stylish products are available in the form of mattresses too. Sleep number bedding collection is such a manufacturing unit that loves to walk through a different path.

Product USP: Sleep number has a wide variety of mattress pads, pillows, beds etc. Their mattress pads have temperature balancing capacity, allergy defense capacity etc. They provide warmth and also protect your bed. The mattresses are available in various sizes. Moreover, their products are available with 10 year limited warranty.

The sleep number mattress can deliver you a comfort sleeping experience. Their products are suitable for people who have body pain. This mattress is suitable for pregnant women. As the materials used in this mattress are of a high quality, durability is not a problem for you.

7. Nature’s rest

Price : $100 -$1900

Nature's rest progeny mattress.

‘Get the rest that nature indented’- this is the promotion code of Nature’s rest mattress collection. The product is a best choice forever. They ensure complete rest, rejuvenation and health.

Product USP: Nature’s rest has three different types of mattresses for sale. Their progeny TM series is made of pure latex. The progeny series ensures maximum stress relief from body muscles. You get natural sleep throughout the night. The nature zone series has a plant based body support core. Using Joma wool and silver infused fabric on top, it provides perfect sleeping atmosphere.

uro latex core mattress set is another product that is made of 10% natural latex core. These three products mainly help you to improve your health by providing undisturbed sleep.

8. Therapedic mattresses

Price : $100-$1050

Therapedic mattresses

The Therapedic mattresses ensure maximum comfort and durability. Quality of life depends upon how well you sleep daily. If you get an uninterrupted sleep, definitely you can live a healthy life.

Product USP: The mattress is made of high quality materials that support your whole body. Thus you get a peaceful sleep. Moreover, you can improve the health of body and mind by using this mattress.

9. Aireloom mattresses

Price: $100 -$ 1500

Aireloom mattresses

Aireloom is a leading manufacturer in handmade mattress manufacturing field. They produce extra ordinary handmade mattresses with high-quality materials.

Product USP: Aireloom products are outstanding because of the uniqueness in design. They have a record of forty years experience in the field. A team of experienced craftsmen work hard to achieve the target.

Aireloom have different designs, including hybrid cotton and bamboo. As they are made of quality materials, the durability can be guaranteed. Maximum comfort and pleasure can be gained through this mattress.

10. Spring air

Price: $100- $2000

Spring air matresses

For 85 years, Spring air has provided the most critical support for your sleep. That is the main reason behind their immense popularity. The mattresses are available in various designs.

Product USP: The spring air has two special types of mattresses. They are, back supporter and sleep sense. The sleep sense mattress can be considered as a part of going green. They are made of high quality natural materials. In the back supporter design, premium latex and luxury coiled foam etc provide a good support to the back and shoulders.

The mattress is considered as a perfect aid to reduce muscle strain and stress.

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