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Taking the eco-friendly route in your kitchen

Every health-conscious individual may want to adopt greener practices in and around his/her home. When it comes to creating a green space within the home, your kitchen can be an area to consider on priority. It is also in trend to add green elements to modern kitchen designs so kitchens may be made healthier and non-toxic for people living in the house. Let us look at some ways to turn your regular kitchen into an eco-friendly area.

Using environment-friendly kitchen tools and equipment

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While greener equipment and tools are thought to be expensive, you can actually pick up a wide range of such kitchen tools that are not only stylish but are also cost-effective. In fact, you can make a one-time investment in several green kitchen appliances that have been approved by EPA under the Energy Star program. These help you to save a lot of water and energy in the long term. Thus, you can easily recover your invested money shortly.

These eco-friendly appliances will also make you get rid of inefficient equipment that can increase your energy bills. Since green kitchen tools are available in a variety of styles and designs, you can make your kitchen look good with such items. You may choose a nice refrigerator, electric or induction cooktop, natural gas range, oven, dishwasher, etc. Apart from this, you may replace your nonstick cookware with cast iron utensils so these do not emit harmful fumes while cooking. Nonstick coating has a hazardous chemical called PFOA.

Bringing a difference in your countertop choices

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You may have multiple counters in your kitchen that are not designed in an eco-friendly manner. However, you can now bring alterations by choosing cheaper and healthier countertops that are made of green materials. Such countertops can help you reduce toxicity in your kitchen. Many of these materials can also provide a beautiful and stylish look to your modern kitchen while being durable. You may go for recycled wood, bamboo, resin, stainless steel or glass countertops that can help in improving the indoor air quality and are safe for your family. Additionally, you may not find these countertops difficult to work on.

Detoxifying your kitchen

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You may make several changes to make your kitchen greener. However, it can only become healthier when you detoxify the entire place. Even your particleboard cabinetry can be harmful, as it uses formaldehyde-based glues containing toxic chemicals. Avoid pans coated with Teflon so no harmful fumes are emitted. For proper detoxification, ensure to have vents above your gas stoves. Make use of greener cleaning products that are chemical-free.You should also disinfect all required places in your kitchen using eco-friendly disinfectants. These products can easily be bought at cost-effective rates.Thus, always emphasize on finding chemical-laden items in your kitchen and replace them with nature-friendly options. If you do not have the budget to renovate everything as of now, then start following greener habits and keep replacing your regular stuff as and when you can spend on it.

Developing eco-friendly, healthier kitchen habits

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There are many kitchen habits that can quickly be made greener. For example, you may start by cleaning your kitchen with non-toxic products. While cooking, make sure to adjust the flame to blue so incomplete combustion does not happen to pollute your kitchen. Additionally, use organic food items to remain healthier. You should also prefer to cook on low heat, as high heat leads to the release of more chemicals. Another greener habit is to use safer stainless steel instead of aluminum. Apart from this, you must always keep cleaning your cutting boards and knives with vinegar and water to avoid bacteria and other germs. Try to fit a few potted plants in and around your kitchen. Similarly, find out your other habits that can be made friendlier to the environment.

If you wish to live in a healthier home, make sure to turn your kitchen habits greener. You may start by adopting greener choices for countertop materials and kitchen appliances, as well as by detoxifying the whole place.


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