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Sustainable landscaping using recycled materials

Landscaping is an art of sorts. Luckily, you do not have to spend a bomb on it too. You can landscape your garden with simple recycled materials found around the house in several ways. Here are five such examples that can give you a head start.


Pallet Garden

Houses that do not have enough horizontal space for gardening can benefit from vertical gardening wherein the plants can be grown off a vertical planter. If you have an old shipping pallet, back if with some chicken wire and roofing paper first. Now plant some herbs or an ornamental plant in the individual slots and your vertical garden is ready. You can hang it anywhere in your garden for a classic and yet creative look.


Recycled Fence 

There is no need to throw out all those old windowpanes when you renovate the house. These windowpanes can be joined together to create an artistic fence. You can also shop around for fencing materials like salvaged lumber or metal in local thrift shops. Draw out a plan to bring these materials together and start constructing the fence based on the design. Your neighbors and friends would love it for sure.


Broken Concrete Garden Path and Patio

Do not throw out old concrete or urbanite slabs after construction. You can use them as paving material for the patio or garden path. Broken concrete slabs can look like flagstone paving materials that are usually dry laid and irregularly shaped. Look around for broken concrete or urbanite slabs in construction or demolition areas near your home. The more colorful the slabs, the more colorful your garden would look.


Door and Window Garden Art

If you have some old glass doors or windows in the home, you can transform them into creative garden art. While windows can be used as wall décor, mirrors, greenhouse or even a transparent walls, doors can be hung up at strategic places to provide partitions.


Water Fountain Tool Shed

Getting rid of an old water fountain in the garden can be time consuming. You can however, choose to turn it into something more useful, a tool shed. Fill up the basin with sand and stick your tools in them so that only the handles are visible. This way, you can easily retrieve your tools as and when you need them while the sand prevents them from rusting.


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