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Summer is here and it’s time to change your wardrobe again. Stash away those woolens and get out those light, flowy and breezy dresses, tops, shorts and skirts. While you are at it, here are some summer style essentials you can follow this time of the year to create your own fashion statement and stand out in the crowd.

Choose the Proper Fabrics

Summer is all about light, breezy clothes that help your skin breathe. So stay away from clothes that contain poly-blends no matter how fashionable they look. These will only make you sweat more and lead to sweat stains on the fabric. Choose materials like cotton, linen and silk which are breathable and strong enough to endure the summer heat.

These fabrics also tend to help absorb perspiration, thus reducing sweat stains to a great extent especially if you tend to sweat profusely. Another option you can choose for is super-thin denim which also works well to showcase your sleek frame while allowing your skin to breathe properly.

Wear Loose Fitting Clothes, especially Pants

Summer is probably not the right time to wear all those skin tight clothes you have in your closet. Tight fitting clothes will only lead to profuse sweating in sensitive areas, making them look out embarrassingly. This holds true for pants, with summer not being the right time for those figure hugging denims.

Go for loose fitting clothes that allow some air to pass over your body when you step outside. Of course, that doesn’t mean stepping out in a sack. Opt for clothes that are loose and yet offer a proper fit in the right places to make the attire fashionable and summer ready.

Buy Bigger Sized Shoes

You may think this to be a crazy idea, but we are not joking. As morbid as it may sound, the human body tends to bloat up a bit in the summer months. This includes the feet which would swell during summers. So if you are on the lookout for some new shoes to wear this time of the year, go for ones that are bigger than your feet by at least half a size for leather, suede and canvas, or by a full size for plastic and faux leather.

Choose Pops of Color

It’s time to ditch all those black, white and grey outfits you rocked in winter. Summer is all about being more colorful and vibrant in your clothing choices. So choose colorful outfits that would make eyes turn wherever you go. Be careful when pairing the outfits though for too much color can also be jarring under the summer sun. So make it simple with a maximum of 2 colors in your outfit, making sure the colors complement instead of contrast each other.

Choose Patterns

Summer would be the perfect time to opt for the patterned look. So take a good look at the more popular patterns doing the rounds in the fashion circuit when buying your clothes. Some styles that never die away in summer include the gingham, cheetah, camo and tribal prints. Try centering your outfit on these patterns to rock the summer look, but be wary of overdoing them.

Extra Tip: Say no to Flip Flops

As much as you will be tempted to dedicate the entire summer to flip flops, you will need to know that these shoes are for poolside parties and should remain there as well. Don’t wear them to formal occasions, and worse yet, to office. There are plenty of other skin friendly alternatives including desert boots, leather sandals and low top sneakers for the purpose which would look way lot better in summer.

Summer is all about street fashion as you hit the streets in colorful, breezy outfits. Make the most of the scorching hot weather outside by choosing style essentials that will make you stand out in the crowd.

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