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Help your child triumph over the habit of lying

child triumph over the habit of lying

Kids lie, when parents are strict with them and even when parents give them a permissive environment. Kids actually lie to get the attention of their parents or to save them from punishment. Parents must not ignore the bad habit at any cost since if it is not controlled kids may use it as a defense mechanism and lie about almost everything. Follow few simple tips:

Get to the nub of the matter

It is very important that parents get to the root cause of the problem and get to know the real reason behind all the lies. Once you get to know the reason, try to address the problem in an effective manner. Make your kids understand that lying is bad and they should tell you the truth no matter what.

Take for example the performance of your kids at school. They may try to hide their marks, as they hate to disappoint you or to save themselves from punishment. In such a case, you must tell them that it is all right and they should try harder next time. Develop a trust between you and your kids and helps them manage their emotions.

Kids watch and learn

Always remember the fact that the way your kids behave is a mere reflection of your own behavior. When they watch you lying to your friends or other people in the family they learn and start imitating the same behavior. They may never believe a word you tell them when they know that you lie every often.

Talk to them

Parents must make time to talk to their kids when they can be alone with them and help them learn the value of principles in life. Tell them that when people lie once, they have to tell another hundreds lies to hide the first one.

They have to try hard to remember each word they had said as you simply make up a story when you lie. On the contrary, when you tell the truth, you can relax, as you do not hide anything. Tell them that they do not necessarily have to be brutally honest about everything.

Make rules and follow them

Most of the times parents get to know when their kids are lying, as young kids are usually bad at hiding truth. They cannot keep the secret for a long time. When it happens, tell your kids that you would appreciate honesty from next time onwards. You can also imply punishment but always remember that severe punishment may do more harm and take your kids in a different direction. On the contrary, praise your kids when they tell your truth.

Do not enforce lies

Parents must not force their kids to make confession when they are already aware of truth as it can hurt them even more. Come straight to the point and address the problem. They must not beat around the bush to get to the truth and instruct kids to rectify their mistakes right away.

Instead of lecturing or criticizing them, point out the mistake and make them understand. Kids must not feel that honesty gets them into more trouble. Appreciate them when they are honest even if it is something that indicates a mistake on their part.

Never call them liars

You must help your kids get rid of their dishonest ways to save themselves. Those parents who start calling their kids liars always instigate negativity. It may turn into their behavior pattern and in that case, it may be hard for you to knob them.

All kids lie at a point of time. Parents must not let it turn into a habit. Kids learn from their parents or other people around them. Do not punish them when they lie as when they find no reason to lie they may start telling you nothing but truth.

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