Style your natural curls and rock cool hairstyles

Do you ever wonder while looking at a woman with amazing natural curls that what on earth they do to make their hair look so fabulous? Why don’t you have that lustre, softness and glow in your hair? Well, I know that the answer coming from many of you might be a yes. Our hair quality depends on genes but it also depends upon our diet, the hair products we use, and the styling we do on our hair. So, we all have the power to enhance the quality of hair that our genes have given us by taking care of our hair.

Curly hair look beautiful but at times it is a real task to manage that wavy, frizzy hair. If you are also gifted with curly hair then you need to get the hang of certain tips that can give you super shiny, soft, non-frizzy curls at all times and weather. Read on and discover some easy, super effective tips to help you beautify your natural curls.

Conditioning curley hair

Deep condition at least once a week

Conditioning is essential for all hair types but for curly hair, it is much more important than other hair types. Curls are more susceptible to dryness, which causes frizzy hair that becomes a pain to manage and look ugly. Therefore, you have to refrain from using hair products having alcohol and do not forget to deep condition your hair by applying a hair mask at least once a week. A massage with natural hair oils also conditions hair well. Oiling removes dryness and dandruff from your scalp, eventually giving you healthy and lustrous hair.

Face of a beautiful brunette woman

Detoxify your hair about once a month

Imagine all the pollution, dirt, smoke, germs, and smog gets absorbed in your hair, which makes your hair too dirty and unhealthy. They tend to lose their strength, get thinner and weak, and lose shine and softness. If you want all these side effects to stay far away from your hair, you need to detoxify them at least once a month. It will do wonders.

Curly hair scrunch

Do not scrunch

Scrunching or over contact with hair is bad for them, especially for curly hair. We over – scrunch our hair after applying a hair product in expectation of a lustrous and a soft texture, or we just play with our hair while twisting and rolling them. All these actions make our hair brittle and it brings a bad frizz to our curly hair.

wet hair

Use a hair product while hairs are still wet

After washing your curly hair, soon apply a hair product that will keep moisture intact and will give you moisture rich curls and no frizz. On the other hand, if you wait for your hair to get dry and then put a hair serum on them, it will not give you the desired result as it could have given on wet hair.

washing Curly hair

Do not use shampoo and conditioner meant for straight hair

Using hair products that are not really meant for our hair type is the biggest mistake that we commit. If you use a straight hair conditioner on your curls then obviously it will leave you with frizzy, unmanageable curls. Always go for curly hair products that will make your natural curls stunning to look at.

Curly hair brushing

Do not use a brush on dry curls

You can brush your curly hair while they are wet but never use a brush on them after they dry. Brush use on dry hair separates the curls and makes them frizzy, so do not brush your curls when they are dry.


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