Use the power of apps to choose the right hairstyle

It happens with many of us that we enter a salon for a haircut or to get a nice hair color done, and when the attendant there asks us, we are absolutely clueless as to what haircut and color we want to have. We all depend on hair stylists for their suggestion regarding hairstyles and colors that will probably suit us, but not anymore.

This kind of dependence while sufficient, is not necessary in the modern age wherein there are apps for each and everything we require. Now there are hair apps for both men and women that help them to decide the best hair color and a haircut to suit their face and personality.

Following are some apps, which all you men and women can get the hang of and be sure about the haircut you want to have whenever you go next time to the salon.

InStyle Hairstyle Try-On App

Download this free for iPad hair app and get rid of your boring hairstyle. Try over 250 hairstyles on your face and choose the one that suits best to your face cut and personality.

In Style Magazine’s editors have selected all the hairstyles in this app, so you can be sure of the quality and the latest trend of these hairstyles. The app has a very cool feature that lets you choose a hairstyle as per the occasion, like a wedding day hairstyle, hairstyle for your twenties, and so on.

Hairstyle wizard app

You need not waste any more time about thinking a hairstyle or a hair cut that you should get while going to a party. Hairstyle Wizard is a handy hair app that is free for iPhone, iPod, and iPad that is an ideal style guru for all you men and women who often get bewildered over hairstyles.

Take your picture and try out numerous celebrity hairstyles on yourself, or you can also fill out a questionnaire in which you will mention your mood and requirement of a hairstyle, and the app will offer you a variety of stunning hairstyles to choose.

Hair at Home app

This app is perfect for those who like to style their hair themselves at home rather than going to a parlor. Just select a hairstyle for yourself, and the app presents a step-by-step method of doing that hairdo in a movie format.

So be it a simple blow dry or adding hair extensions, you can do it all yourself at home with this superb Hair at Home app.

Hair Color Booth

Many women do blunders when it comes to hair coloring. You need to choose a hair color for yourself meticulously, otherwise you can fall prey to a color disaster.

Imagination cannot help you exactly how a particular hair color or a streak would look on you. But with this Hair Color Booth App you can actually see, as to how a blonde streak or a pink highlight will look on you. The app also gives you an opportunity to mix and match some colors and develop a new streak color for yourself.

Redo hairstyle app

Select a photo of yours, paste a wide assortment of hairstyles on your picture, and find out which hairstyle goes best with your face-cut. This app allows you to crop, shrink, enlarge, rotate, flip, or change the color of the hairstyle that you choose.

This app leaves no room for mismatch, as with all options you can take your own time, satisfy yourself, and then choose a hairstyle that suits you well.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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