Style your look with a suitable look with sunglasses

Sunglasses do not only serve as a shield that protects our eyes from the harsh UV rays but they have become a style statement as well. There is a plethora of sunglass options available to choose from but choosing the right one can be quite bewildering. If you follow these following three magical steps, you can get away with the confusion, and can choose a sunglass that suit your face best.


Measure your face

This is the first step that gives you an idea as to what size and shape your face has. You need to stand in front of the mirror and look at your face. Take a measuring tape and measure cheekbone to cheekbone and write down the number on a page. Next spot you are supposed to measure is your jaw line. First, find the end of your jawbone that is just below your ears and then measure from there to the bottom of your chin and note this number as well.

Now measure your face length. For this, take the center of your hairline and follow down to the tip of your nose to the bottom of your chin. The last thing to measure is your forehead width. Measure from your hairline down to the eyebrows and you will get forehead width this way. Now take into consideration all these measurements and find out the shape that your face belongs to.

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Determine Your Face Shape

After finding the face size, you have to find the shape that your face has. Based on the size, your face can be of one of the following shapes:


A round face is the one that has less of defined angles and more of curves. You should know that round faces require frames that do not have curves and should have angular lines, which makes the face look thin and sharp. High-on-the-temple and colorful frames look good on round faces.


Oval faces have even features and have gentle rounds, so just any sunglass will look good on such faces. They should not go for huge frames, as they will block their symmetrical features that look so good. They should opt for a frame that only covers their face from eyebrows to cheekbones.



Square shaped faces have equal length and width. Such faces have a real broad forehead and a prominent jaw line. A frame with round and oval shaped lenses suit square faces, as it trims down the extra sharpness of features and kind of rounds them, so that the wearer gets a more balanced look. Square faces look amazing with aviators, butterflies, or frames that enhance their circular curves on face.


These faces have a narrow jaw line and forehead, and pretty wide cheekbones. Perfect sunglasses for a diamond shaped face are the ones with oval and rimless frames, and they should never go for the ones that have wider curves than their cheekbones.

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Another name for heart shaped face is triangle wherein the face is widest at the temples and gets narrowest at the chin. Frames that have wider lower edges and no straight lines suit this shape, as they tend to elongate the face. Shield, butterfly, rimless, and aviator style frames perfectly suit this face type.


Oblong or rectangular faces have few angles and are quite long and narrow. Huge sunglasses go well on such faces. It is good to add width to long faces that you can do by wearing wayfarer sunglasses, which have a thick frame. Vintage style frames are also a good option for oblong faces, and no small frames.


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