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Socioeconomic aspects of climate change studied


Climate change and Kyoto protocol have been the “buzzwords” of the day. One thing that scientists didn’t consider until today is the socioeconomic impact of the climate change. The countries like China, India and US have a greater impact on the climate.

Unfortunately, they are unbound by the Kyoto protocol. ‘Work Group I’ has initiated research regarding this issue, and is currently investigating the economic and social impact on the climate change. Research teams from Purdue University and the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy are working on this aspect of climate change.

As of now, all of us are aware of the physical factors that directly influence the climate change – temperature increase, sea level rise, and changes in precipitation patterns. But, until now no one considered socio economic stress factors that revolve around the climate change. As the research progresses, it will potentially be more informative on the international climate debate.


Currently, the study found that the following nations are highly exposed to the climate change factors. Nations like China, Bangladesh and Myanmar in Asia are the worst affected. Although, they are hardly doing anything to prevent the situation from getting worse. But, I think China is taking some major steps towards improving the climate change.

The study also found that the climatic and socioeconomic variables combined together, determine the international variations in socio climatic risk. The study is ultimately going to provide country based information. This will help in mitigating efforts in the regional and even national levels. Noah Diffenbaugh, the Purdue assistant professor said,

Our analysis provides quantitative information to support international negotiations such as those that are taking place in Bali this week.

The Purdue University’s Climate Change Research Center is affiliated with the Purdue’s Discovery Park. The center promotes studies related to the climate change and it’s effect on the economy, agriculture, natural ecosystems and even society.

The Abdus Salam International Center does a similar kind of thing as well. The center operating under the tripartite agreement provides advice regarding climate change. I think it’s a good thing that these two organizations have joined hands in the effort to prevent climate change. However, much work still remains.

Image: Physorg

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