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Studies Show That Abandonment Of Exercise Linked To Depressive Symptoms

A study on the link between depressive symptoms and abandonment of exercise has been conducted. It showed that if a person quits exercising after several months of practicing this healthy culture he/she might show signs of frustration in his or her life. The research was conducted on around hundred and fifty-two (152) adults who stopped working out after continuing it for three months for thirty minutes at least thrice in a week. A negative impact affected these people, which led them to get depressed. Abandonment of exercise linked to depressive symptoms is understandable. Let us find out how.

How is the abandonment of exercise linked to depressive symptoms?


Exercise and mental health are simultaneously linked with one another. Let us consider an example of a person who is a real-time gym freak and doesn’t leave his house for office in the morning if he hasn’t worked out. It is like wearing his pants every day. Now a situation arises, that he has to leave working out every morning, as he is not able to figure out time for himself due to immense pressure from his office.

During such a hard time, the only concern that occupies your mind is the advancement of life. The human brain links the frustration of gaining weight with regression in life. A confident and optimistic person will start losing out his vibes and persona. Frustration and depression will take its place. There’s only one thing which would be running around in his mind. That is the hard work, which he has done while working out every morning will not pay him back now. Well, let’s be clear that you will never lose your fitness so soon. It is just an illusion, which has been created in your mind. The study on the link between depressive symptoms and abandonment of exercise revealed so.

Getting back in shape requires a determination as shown by the study on the link between depressive symptoms and abandonment of exercise


Abandonment of exercise linked to depressive symptoms is totally right; but the good news is, you really do not require to start right from the beginner’s level. Yes, losses do happen to your body and the changes are reflected at times. At the same time, it is not irreversible and should not become a reason for you to brood about. Exercise and mental health are related directly to one another. Instead of losing your self-confidence, you have to push yourself harder so that you regain your shape. For example, even if you had lost all your health, which won’t ever happen scientifically and you want to regain your health, then you have to work harder this time. Only hard work and self-determination can bring you out of your this situation.

What is meant by perfect fitness?


Abandonment of exercise linked to depressive symptoms should be kept aside for some time. Fitness is something that has no boundaries. It is not only about how many miles you have covered today or how much weight you have lifted today. The hours spent in a gym too does not count on exercise and mental health. A study on the link between depressive symptoms and abandonment of exercise showed that one should be committed to perform yoga, aerobics, free hand exercises, and mere walking. One should never forget to commit to all these things with purposeful dedication.

Such an attitude will enable you to shed the idea of being a gym freak. Even if you do not have a gym near your home or locality, you can still do a lot of different kinds of exciting physical activities. Instead of getting weak and losing out confidence in yourself, you must strive to work hard if you want to stay fit, healthy, and in your desired shape.

Now, we understand that exercise and mental health are connected to one another. If you are depressed because you had to leave your gym, which naturally also made you mad – divert your attention and keep your mind fresh. Keep on practicing various physical activities, which give you fun and happiness. This will, in turn, keep you active and free of anxiety.


The article shows that gym freaks when they have quit working out can be seriously affected by depression. This mainly arises out of the thought that they won’t stay in shape anymore until and unless they have joined the gym once again. Various studies confirm it.


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